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Round-Up , 3 December 2015

The Christmas Edit / Best Of The Medium Beauty Gift Sets (& A Random Balm)

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Granted, the cohesive theme was shattered when I decided that this simply couldn’t go up without the inclusion of the Antipodes balm after no fewer than five people asked if they could have it for Christmas (they all got a resounding no – the stuff works wonders on my dry elbows).

Here, then, is the premise of this post: it’s a round up of medium presents. The kind you give to someone you like enormously but don’t officially buy presents for. The kind you give alongside a ‘serious’ present to those you go all out for. The kind you sometimes, if you’re feeling flush, buy yourself…

Laura Mercier Christmas Gifts

Laura Mercier Haute Lips Full Colour Lip Trio, £25 here / We all know someone for whom lips are a thing. For them, this (sweet, not sickly) pink trio will be a delight.

Fresh Sugar Lips Christmas

Fresh Sugar Lip Temptations, available here / And for the other lot – balm wearers – there’s this quartet of tinted balms. Each smells subtly different but the overriding thing is sugar, of the good variety. Think spun candy floss and you’ll get the idea.

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm, £29 here / Okay so the whole antibacterial thing doesn’t scream ‘Christmas present’, but trust me on this – I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t found this a welcome addition to their travel bag/handbag/desk.

Aromatherapy Associates Travel Bath & Shower Oils

Aromatherapy Associates Travel Bath & Shower Oils, £37 here / For the traveller, for the bath aficionado, for the stressed, for one and for all. As always, Aromatherapy Associates can do no wrong in my eyes.

James Read Tan Trio

James Read Tan Edit Face, £17.50 here / Get this trio for anyone who sports a year-round tan – James Read’s formulas are innovative and the textures unbeatable. Also, the colour his tanning products confer on skin is honey, not orange.

Benefit Pucker Up and Party

Benefit Pucker Up & Party, £17.55 here / Cute. Cute, and useful – these four tints (two pink, two red) for lips and cheeks, will make you very popular auntie/sister/best friend.

Tisserand Mini Bath Oils

Tisserand Bath Oil Collection, £14 here / These natural blends smell heavenly, look resplendent in their National Trust designed bottles, and each would more than amply scent three or four baths.

Korres Party Survival

Korres Party Survival Kit, £9.50 here / Korres make one of these yearly. In my experience, they’re always a welcome gift, both because the little bottles do really act as a boost during the party season, and also because they provide those new to Korres with an introduction to their wonderful wares.

REN body Kit

REN Discovery Body Kit, £12.50 here / Ignore the odd name – this is a only a discovery of their shower gels. Good gift, though – they are the perfect size for a long weekend and would be ideal for a frequent traveller to stash in their cabin bag.

Neom Sweaty Betty Collaboration

Neom Wellbeing Set, £30 here / Know someone who intends on getting fit after the festivities have come to an end? This kit should help their efforts (and even if it doesn’t, everything in here smells so darn good that I can’t imagine the kit will go unused).

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