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Diary, Fashion, Home , 14 December 2015

OOTD & Party Notes / Gold & Silver

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This weekend I had a party at my house. The second bit of that description is important to this post: a house party requires not only oneself but one’s house to look spiffing. I therefore planned the thing like a military operation: hair cut & colour on Tuesday, migration of the sitting room contents upstairs on Wednesday morning, facial in the early evening, spray tan Thursday, application of gold and silver ‘details’ to the house in the afternoon… you get the idea.

While my strategy worked a treat on the tan, skin and hair front (tan was present, skin unblemished, hair buttery, deep blonde as I like it), I’d overlooked the whole outfit thing and had appointed very little time to getting dressed. My friend Emma and I therefore had a rather frantic hour before guests showed up in which to choose what to wear and for me to do both our make-up. Given the circumstances, you will forgive me I’m sure for the lack of posed OOTD post and instead enjoy this mash up of gold and silver/photos from the party…


OOTD / Well now this felt like a triumph on two levels: I was very pleased to not only have worked gold and silver into all elements of my getup, but also to have donned a dress and shoes first worn in 2003 at my leaver’s ball and a shawl I bought in 2007, which really proves my whole investment in clothes being the way to go theory – all three looked good as new thanks to their quality. Details / Dress: Chloe / Shawl: Alexander McQueen / Shoes: Marc Jacobs.

Chloe dress

Alexander mcQueen SHawl

MAKE-UP / I did this on myself and Emma, using mostly Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury.

smoky eye

GROOMING / This may sound excessive, but I am usually a little lax on this front and generally only get round to seeing the professionals when I have an exciting event on the horizon. This party afforded such an excuse. I saw: Jack Howard for colour at Paul Edmonds, Jules Hepstonstall for a tan at St. Tropez HQ, Nataliya Robinson for a facial, and had a Show dry on the day of.

Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds

THE HOUSE / Did I mention that my house needed decorating? Ah, yes – I did. As my walls are rather the worse for wear, I started to stick these star sequins on before the party in the hope they’d be an improvement. I LOVE them – more is more when it comes to sequins in my opinion. They may become a permanent fixture. Other decorative touches all adhered to the gold and silver theme…

Gold and Silver House

Christmas tree decoration ideas

Hold and Silver


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