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Scent , 15 December 2015

The Infallible Gifts / Scent

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In putting together my gift guides I’ve – as always – strived to be of use. Were I reading, this series of ‘infallibles’ would be the thing I’d need the most – if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list of about five people to buy presents for who are simply impossible: they either have everything (my mum), don’t know what they want (my brother), or have uttered these immortal words: ‘surprise me.’

Without further ado, here’s the scent edition of gifts you simply can’t go wrong with //

Connock London Kukui Eau de Parfum / Each sniff of this only adds to my conviction that this is the perfect gift for a tricky customer. First, it’s sweet without slipping into sickly. Second, it’s floral, but without overwhelming the other notes. Finally, a little spice adds weight to the scent, firmly setting it apart from floral, sweet and, ultimately, boring scents.

Malin + Goetz Moroccan Fig Eau de Toilette / Know a free spirit for whom summer means joy and barefoot frolicking? Get them this: as the name suggests, there’s a core of fig but around that lots of outdoorsy notes of bergamot, cedarwood and bark dance, making it a rounded, evocative celebration of all things summery.

Annick Goutal 1001 Ouds Eau de Parfum / Sophistication, bottled. Don’t get this for a fan of fruity scents – this is for a woman (or man, for that matter, it really doesn’t fall under the ‘girly’ remit) who wants a scent that’s a bit hearty. There’s a spicy pepper note, some warming myrrh, a touch of powdery rose and a woodiness underpinning it all. I smell it and sexiness – of the bold variety – springs to mind.

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