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The Infallible Gifts / Candles

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I recently had to buy a present for a beauty director. You cannot imagine how many agonising hours were spent searching the internet for something – anything – she didn’t have and might want. I ended up bringing her a big Neom candle, my reasoning being that candles are always a joy and rarely go unburnt.

This final post in my Infallible Gifts series, then, goes to the candle. Here are those I cooed over this year //

Willow + Honey Candle

Willow & Honey The Festive Gift Box / This terribly cute trio is an interesting take on Christmas scents, with each candle being lifted out of dullsville by the makers, who’ve played with the accepted proportions of citrus and spice.

Miller Harris Stars

Miller Harris Stars Candle Votive / Sometimes I issue a gift with advice (I know, I’m all kinds of fun), and this would come with the caution not to burn all three by the master perfumers at once – they’re each too delicious on their own to want the scents mingled. I’d also lightly suggest burning them on a dressing table, where they’d look oh-so pretty.

Aromaworks Candle

Aromaworks Nurture 3-Wick Candle / No bells and whistles on this one – it’s just a beautiful, soy wax candle that smells a little like a spa (it’s got that chamomile sandalwood thing going on). If you like the look of it I’d snap a few up for yourself – I suspect the very decent price has something to do with this brand not yet being on everyone’s radar…

Neom Christmas Candle

Neom Christmas Wish Candle / To candles what Aromatherapy Associates is to bath oils: can’t. go. wrong. This mix of mandarin and cinnamon is particularly special.

Heir & Grace Candle

Heir & Grace Orange & Chilli Candle / These guys are fast becoming my favourite chandlers for their fresh takes on classic scents. In this case, the hit of orange is tempered with cassis, chilli, musk and black pepper. The result is undeniably Christmassy, with a spicy twist.

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