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Make-up , 18 December 2015

Two Thrifty Brushes That’ll See You Through This Spendy Time Of Year…

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Money is a pesky thing, isn’t it? Scrap that: money’s great, provided you’ve got oodles of it stashed away. Unfortunately for most of us, at this time of year there really is a seemingly very finite amount of the stuff, with what loose change there is left after extra nights out being allotted to the purchasing of gifts for others. 

While that buying presents business may be in keeping with the spirit of the season, it nonetheless presents a dilemma – December is one of the most make-uppy of months where in all likelihood you’ll be drinking with a raft of people you only see annually and therefore want to look your best for. And – you’ve guessed it – the easiest way to render make-up more polished is by employing a brush to buff at edges to make the stuff look seamless.

You’ve probably read my countless pleas to use – and wash – make-up brushes to get the best finish and perhaps even thought I was a bit barmy when you saw how many I hoard for doing make-up, but I hope to redeem myself here: I’ve found two exceedingly thrifty and very, very useful multi-tasking brushes that’ll make your make-up look snazzy in a jiffy. 

First up, Lottie London Conceal It Concealer Brush. This does a marvellous job of applying concealer but you could apply powder eyeliner with the tip or lay down colour by patting it onto the eyelid. I’ve been using Lottie London brushes since their launch at the beginning of 2015 and am amazed that they’ve yet to shed or lose their shape – at around a fiver, that’s really very impressive.

The second find is Real Techniques Setting Brush, which is designed to apply powder with precision, but could also be used to apply a whisper of a contour under cheekbones or a hint of highlighter or blush when danced lightly along cheeks.


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