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Round-Up , 20 December 2015

… And If You’re Still Stuck

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… I’ve got your back. Well, on the beauty/luxury goods front anyway. Before I launch into the below though, I’ve got to relay a rather harrowing accusation my husband just levelled at me and prove him wrong in writing:

“Darling, what are you up to on your laptop? Are you still writing those gift guides?”

“I am indeed – final one. Why?”

“Well, have you told your readers the truth?”

“I ALWAYS tell my readers the truth you fiend – what do you mean?”

“You’re writing a gift guide and you haven’t bought a single gift yet. Not one. I think they should know how very disorganised you are, shouldn’t they?”

Well, Spencer – consider the admission made. But just as I’m no liar, neither is he: there’s no parcel yet under my tree containing any gifts other than beauty goodies. How I wish my family were more like me in their proclivities and would be completely blissfully happy with a superior serum.

If you’re buying beauty (how I envy you) I suspect these universally thrilling buys will really, truly delight the womenfolk and some enlightened men, too //

Sisley Black Rose Oil

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil / Between my mother and I, who are both ardent fans, we can assure you that: a) it works on both young and older skins with equal aplomb; b) it adds both moisture that plumps skin and a comforting layer to ease a tight surface simultaneously and, c) both dry and acneic skin suffering from dehydration or patches of dryness (as most acneic skins do) respond well. Full review here.

Holistic Silk EYe Mask

Holistic Silk Anti Ageing Eye Mask / I’ve yet to find another eye mask that blocks out all light, sits comfortably AND isn’t scratchy in the slightest. Get this for anyone who struggles to sleep/works nights/travels a lot/enjoys a bit of luxury (I think that covers everyone, as was my intention).

Prismologie Foot Cream

Prismologie Indigo Interlude Foot Cream / Do you know anyone who’d really splash out on a foot cream for themselves? I don’t, but I know plenty of people with feet in need of a little love and this cream containing sapphires (really – according to Prismologie precious stones contain energy that has an affect on the absorption of the active ingredients) is as decadent as it gets.

Liberty Colouring Book

Liberty Flowers of Liberty Colouring Book / My sister got me one of these for my birthday and it’s pretty much taken up all my free minutes since: I’m all aboard the colouring in bandwagon. The history fan in me also loves the little extra bits of information next to the designs that plumb Liberty London’s impressive print past.

By Terry Baume de Rose

By Terry Baume De Rose / Other lip balms come and go but this pot always has a place on my shelf/in my handbag/on my bedside table. This is a great treat for similar reasons to the Prismologie foot cream – it is costly, which may put a sensible being off, but it is also the most softening, dryness-ameliorating, rose-scented lip balm I’ve come across.

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