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Diary, Home , 20 December 2015

Films, Fizz & Food: How To Do A Night In

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The lead up to Christmas is purportedly the party season with an array of drinks and soirees and canapés and sequinned dresses and glittery eyes and backcombed hair on the menu. Curling up at home under a blanket? No. That is not how to do these few sparkling weeks.

Or so we’re told. Last night I flouted all the accepted rules of the season and stayed in watching Christmas films with a friend and hubs. A marvellous time was had by all. Here are the ingredients we agreed were essential for a perfect night in as an antidote to all those evenings out //

Nights In

Fizz / Drinking at a bar is so predictable that it’s almost ceased to be a joy. It’s just… done. Drinking something decadent at home for no particular reason elevates the mundane to memorable.

Food / Not just eating, but eating as if you were a teenager. That means two things: pizza and sweets. We ordered from a local place who sent over a pizza that was approximately a metre squared (they must have realised how hungry we were) and snacked on Gin Gins (technically not a sweet as they’re designed to stem nausea, but they’re little sweet gingery gooey mouthfuls of joy and I like to pop one or two of an evening) and Ombars.

Ambient Lighting / You know me – I’m particular about lighting. My sitting room is always a smorgasbord of lamps and candles. I’ve found that if you burn more than you usually would, it feels ‘special.’

Films / We made it successfully through The Santa Clause, Finding Neverland (admittedly not strictly a Christmas film but a tearjerker that always reminds me of the importance of family) and The Producers (the 1968 version, naturally), but I suspect we might’ve gone on had the champers not rendered us sleepy.

Massages and Nails and That Sort Of Stuff / This may not be one for you, but as most of my friends and I boarded together they got rather used to my offering the three ms (manicures,  massages and make-up) in exchange for their patience with my stories, it’s sort of become part and parcel of spending time together. My nails are now sporting Essie Wicked and my shoulders as free of tension as can be.


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