Bobbi Brown Powder Eyeliner

Make-up , 22 December 2015

FOTD / On Rediscovering The Joy Of Powder Eyeliner

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It had been a while for eyeliner and I. For the last year, my make-up has been all about subtle wafts of colour north of my lashes with the goal of creating hazy, smoky definition. Special occasions called for a bit of a tight line along my upper lashes or a touch of kohl in a waterline, but that aside I’d settled into the nice routine that looked a lot like this.

Last week I was feeling a bit experimental so cracked out a Bobbi Brown number and a Suqqu brush and had me some make-up fun. I was just playing, really – nowhere to go, nobody to see, just a little spare time on my hands and a lot of make-up to fiddle with.

After fifteen minutes, I looked like this:

Powder Eyeliner

Powder Eyeliner

Eyeliner was back in my good books and I’ve since been hitting it up every time I leave the house. Key in my liking it so much is the whole powder thing as it makes the process easy peasy – I just damp the end of my brush with a touch of water and apply the eyeliner, wait for it to dry and then take a cotton bud to soften edges. The finish is a lot less harsh than a liquid wing and takes far less skill/time. Now, my eyeliner and I are off to do some Christmas shopping…


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  • Angela says:

    Looks great Mads! What eyeshadows are you wearing? It looks gorgeous! Also, how does this compare in application to the normal gel eyeliner?

    • admin says:

      Thank you! I’m wearing a dash of Laura Mercier Steal Pink as a base but just whizzed it on with my finger. It applies more smoothly – I like gel eyeliner if I’m really ‘doing an eye’, but this is a nice day-to-day alternative as it’s just much easier to get even in colour etc xx

  • stashmatters says:

    Does it stay put? I do like the look of the softer line but I have oily lids and worry about the powder just disappearing.
    Looks lovely on you though!

    • admin says:

      It really, really does but I think that’s down to two things: 1) I use Nars Pro Prime on my lids first so it doesn’t mark my slightly hooded eyelids and, 2) I used the Bobbi Brown powder eyeliner which is denser and not given to flaking. Laura Mercier’s powder liners are also very good and offer similar long-wear though powdery lines. Hope that helps!

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