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Bookshelf , 27 December 2015

A Little Christmas Catch-Up and My New Way To Blog

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Christmas is sort of still happening all around me – as I type, my mum is flapping around the kitchen doing amazing things to garlic and vegetables while the strains of High Society reach my ears from the sitting room where my Dad is watching it. My brother and hubs are on the doorstep shuffling mud off their shoes after walking the labrador. Part of me likes the post-Christmas Day pre-NYE ‘let’s eat and play board games’ lull as much as the lead-up – free of the rush to find pressies we’ve reached a family rhythm that only really happens at this time of year when we’re all bundled together with little to do.

While on gifts, I was given a rather delightful, lightweight camera with which to take video footage so vlogs are a-coming your way. I’m still unsure of how often/what on/etc so any direction would be most welcome, but I spent a whole lot of time filming my family since getting it and I’m going to have a whirl at editing that so will send it your way imminently. Now, delicious stuff is calling me so I’ll leave you with a picture of my afternoon plans  – I’m that family member who slopes off for a read in a corner between meals…

Books for Christmas

Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge.

The Snow Garden by Rachel Joyce.

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher by Hilary Mantel.


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