Best Make-Up of 2015

Make-up , 31 December 2015

Best Of Beauty 2015 in 26 Products / The Make-Up Edition

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… Let’s carry from where we left off in The Skincare Edition, shall we?…

7. Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush / That thing I used to do in 2004 where I swept bronzer all over my face? No. By all means do I now revisit my face (and neck) as a whole with an extremely pale bronzer after I’ve laid down areas of tan/recess/blush for that look of health, but basically I’m now all about blended precision to keep things modern and out of WAG territory. Step in this brush. It dances in the hollow – or not so hollow after all those mince pies – bits under my cheekbones and blends the colour up and over so it looks natural in a few flicks back and forth. It’s also a perfectly competent highlighter and powder brush.

8. RMK Eyebrow Gel / I’ve really banged on about this gel all year and will continue to do so until I find anything near its brilliance. You need this if you have wild and wiry brows that need to be glued into place. You need this if you want that hold without any crispiness and shine. You need this if you don’t want to carry a brush specifically to keep your brows in check when on nights out. As I fit all the above criteria, I duly use mine daily.

9. Fairydrops Mascara / Previous praise here. A standout mascara that fakes lusciousness, I used this waterproof number until my lashes got a bit dry and I, grudgingly, turned to other wands for a week or so. The first time I applied it after the break, I could’ve wept with joy (and, actually, had I done so there really wouldn’t have been an issue – this stuff only budges when massaged with an oil-based cleanser).

10. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel / I like Chanel’s take on tan: no shimmer, no chalkiness, and no odd sheen does this cream confer upon the skin. Buff it into areas you’d like to ‘contour’ and continue to work it all over your skin until you look healthy as. Alternatively, buff lightly all over skin before applying foundation to look glowing. The above picture is misleading, though: you absolutely mustn’t use that brush to apply it – this needs a flat-headed brush that can really be used to work the product into the skin like the Eve Lom or Becca ones in this post.

11. MAC Waterweight Foundation / Oil-based foundations are great if your skin is dryer than the Sahara, but if, like me, your make-up slips a little over the course of a day, water-based formulas are a godsend. This one does all the great foundation stuff: it has an inbuilt SPF (though I always wear a proper one underneath my base anyway); it can be thinned out with a brush easily enough to provide a little coverage or applied in layers to cover a lot more, and it doesn’t cake or slip. My gut instinct is the reason for it being here; since getting it, I have just wanted it on my face every day and continued to reach for it well past the testing period. It’s now perilously low and will be repurchased which, given the size of my foundation collection, is borderline insane.

12. Rimmel Kate Nudes Lipstick no. 42 / Another one that won’t be a surprise to regulars round here; this lipstick is everything I’d ever looked for in a nude: it imparts a decent whammy of colour in a single slick and isn’t so shiny that it slips nor so matte that it’s drying. This colour is the exact right nude for me when I’m slightly tanned, though I’m making my way through the others in Kate’s range now I’ve got a bit of winter pastiness going on.

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