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Hair, Scent , 31 December 2015

Best Of Beauty 2015 in 26 Products / The Scent & Hair Edition

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Before I crack on with the scent and hair part of this 2015 edit, please do forgive the unsightly Jo Loves bottle above – I got so very excited when I first smelled this that I begged the team to send me more and, as they kindly obliged me, I’ve yet to buy a fresh, sparkly ‘real’ bottle…

13. Jo Loves Red Truffle 21 / To flesh out the above instant devotion that inspired me to stockpile this scent, I’ll tell you a little about the roaring reception this scent had on its debut: no fewer than six people asked me to write down what I was wearing during the day, and that evening a sensible sort of fellow trailed me around a party all night before mustering up the courage to ask for the details of my scent so his girlfriend could “smell that bloody good.” So, yes, this figgy, truffle-y triumph will be staying on my shelf for sometime yet.

14. Aerin Rose De Grasse / I cannot think of anything to say about this uplifting rose scent that I’ve not previously covered. It’s just BEAUTIFUL and never fails to make life feel rosy (couldn’t resist). More on it here and here.

Best Hair Products 2015

15. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray / My three hair heroes of 2015 are all about helping to achieve a subtly dip-dyed do that is a bit glossy and a bit bouncy. This spray took care of the bouncy bit. It’s also particularly adept at making super-shiny newly-washed hair look a little more insouciant.

16. Show Beauty Treatment Oil / I’m dotty about this oil, which I started back in September (it’s in this post). Four months later, I am a firm fan: it can be used to smooth dry hair, protect and add gloss to damp hair and, when pressed, as a treatment oil (the pressed bit is because it’s dear – I’m sparing with it).

17. Phyto Phytokeratin Extreme / Love the look though I do, that dip-dying wreaks its damage on even the most hardy heads of hair. Philip Kingsley’s strengthening Elasticizer is a staple on my shelf, but its a bit of a process, so this newbie has earned a place in my affection this year for its ease of use –  I just massage a bit of this into my hair the night before washing. As I sleep, the amino acids and oils put back in what dying takes out.

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