Best Beauty Products of 2015

Skincare , 31 December 2015

Best Of Beauty 2015 in 26 Products / The Skincare Edition

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Did you count them? It’s the sort of thing I would do were I reading. If you did and noticed that there are a mere 25 products in the above picture, you’ve counted correctly. This was absolutely not an intended quirk, I assure you – a lack of order drives me a little loopy and I really had to grapple with my teutonic tendencies before slapping a 6 on that title, though I suppose the irritating addition after the taking of this photograph speaks of how very stellar it is.

Before I share this humungous list of things that made my life/being a prettier place in 2015, I’d like to say a few things:

1) Grab a cup of tea and curl up somewhere comfy – this is a meaty offering.

2) These are things that rocked my beauty life in 2015, so there may well be things I’ve previously raved about on the behalf of my sister who is prone to dry skin or mother who worries about wrinkles that have been left off. Do please have a good comb through the site if you’re not of similar persuasions/concerns as me.

3) Happy, happy New Year! Thank you for sticking with me this year and I’m very much looking forward to seeing you around my corner of the internet next year! Without further ado, here’s the skincare edition of my top picks from 2015… //

Best Beauty Products 2015

1. Pixi Milky Hydrating Mist / SUCH a joy – this milky mist contains hyaluronic acid (total skin hero – it’s hydrophilic so draws moisture to the surface of the skin which means minimised creases and restored dewiness) and black oat to soothe. Also, it’s £18. For this kind of skin treat, that’s a bargain. I keep mine on my office desk and spritz whenever I am having a break *reaches for the mist…*

2. Sisley Essential Skincare Lotion / Pre-serums/lightweight moisturising agents are heaven if your skin is woefully dry, chronically dehydrated or prone to throwing its toys out the pram when smothered. As I think that covers everyone, I’d happily recommend this comforting and plumping lotion to all. P.s. I know it’s expensive but I use mine about three times a week (and I’m pretty sure hubs and my brother have been at it) and it’s lasted since February. I know, I love a ‘price per use’ justification, but if it ain’t broke…

3. Zelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream / I mentioned this in an initial haze of infatuation here. Two months later my pot – and my love – is still going strong and my skin is well and truly noticeably less crinkly when I do a bit of excessive emoting in the eye region.

4. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF / Suzanne, the Beauty Editor of Marie Claire, told me about this stuff one day at work and how it is a mega antioxidant that you apply once every few days because it doesn’t wash off. I, obviously, had a bottle winging its way to me about thirty seconds after we parted ways. I’m now doing my bit for your skin by passing her recommendation on: if you live in a polluted city, smoke/drink/don’t subsist on vegetables, get this to fortify your skin and use it as you would a morning serum once every three or so days.

5. The Foreo / Ah, Foreo. What did I do before you came into my life? I’ve written about you here and made this video entitled ‘Five Genius Uses for Your Foreo’ for Marie Claire here, but my praise still hasn’t dried up: you’re the best beauty gadget I’ve found yet and the only one that’s stayed on my shelf well after your initial novelty wore off. I think we’re in a committed relationship.

6. Radical Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30 / Not a day goes by when an SPF isn’t on my skin so I really, truly have worked my way through an awful lot of the protection products out there. This year this Alpha H one, a Zelens SPF and a Paula’s Choice number stood out, but this physical sun screen pipped them all for two reasons: 1) I lean towards a preference for non-chemical SPFs, but physical ones often block my pores or leave me looking chalky – this does neither. 2) It contains diamond dust, which is usually the sort of thing I find to be a ludicrous marketing ploy devoid of any skin benefits but in this case: YES. My skin looks (sensitively) photoshopped after using.

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