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Order, Order / 3 Tricks I’m Using To Get Organised

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I posted the above image on instagram a few days ago with a flippant caption about reorganising my money storage. The tone of the post concealed the fanatic in me – January arouses an urge to get myself in order and setting a structure becomes my only mission in the early days of a new year. In case you are similarly afflicted, here are some things I’m doing that seem to be appeasing the gods of order who urge me on //

Vision Board-ing / I wrote a lengthy post last year on how unexpectedly extraordinary the results of doing this were for me. The basic premise is to embed a vision of how you’d like your life to look in your mind’s eye so that all actions are geared towards it. As I achieved everything on last year’s, I’m now making a new one.

Marie Kondo-ing / If every one of the 1.5 million people who’ve bought this book take her advice there’s going to be a lengthy queue on the way to the skip: Marie suggests keeping only objects that, when held, spark joy. I’m fully on board this train and am discarding with zeal. Expect a progress update with pictures of my decluttered home in the coming weeks.

Structuring / I fall down on this every year but am seriously hoping the above two steps will help facilitate a more structured day that has a window in to care for my mental and physical health.

Rightio, off I trot to throw things away and stick things onto boards…



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