New Year's Resolutions

Diary , 8 January 2016

New Year, Ever So Slightly Newer Me

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Last night over dim sum at E & O, some friends and I debated the merits and potential pitfalls of resetting at the beginning of the new year. All the main players of the big new year, new me thing were present – we had a man who had joined a tennis club in order to meet new people, a woman determined to make this January a dry one, and another who had deleted facebook and twitter from her phone to reduce time spent on social media.

And then there was me. As my head bobbed between them as the conversation heated up, I couldn’t help but think I’m a bit shy on the overhaul front. Yes, I got excited about the Marie Kondo method and chucked away a lot of papers, but I didn’t quite manage to throw away those silver knee-high D&G boots that I never have, and clearly never will, wear. I’ve gone to three yoga classes and have accordingly patted myself on the back for my efforts, but I still haven’t been for a single run. I’ve switched out (almost all) alcohol, though chocolate has remained a mainstay of my diet. You get my drift – I’m only halfway there.

As I sipped my postprandial espresso martini, miss alcohol abstinence didn’t waver and I felt a bit rubbish about my puny attempt to blow away the cobwebs of 2015; the little puff I’d given in the direction of change clearly wasn’t going to carry me to my intended heights, was it?

But then I walked in the front door of my house. Hubs was using his new chin-up bar, the TV was resolutely not on, the hall was lined with bin bags due to go to the charity shop, and goods for ebay were stacked by the sofa. I then and there decided to give myself a break and resolved to avoid dramatic resolutions – we’re only a week into the new year, and things were definitely looking different around my neck of the woods. The point surely is to make little changes that stick, to mould and not to dramatically remodel in the first week of the new year.

This weekend, I’ll be doing yoga, drinking a bit of wine and watching some rubbish tv with a pal – that’s sustainable. No other changes will be made, except in the case of those boots: they’ve been relegated to the ebay pile.



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