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Round-Up , 15 January 2016

… And Here’s What I Keep On It

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You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging with just a slightly vague picture of products on my desk without the details, did you? Well of course you didn’t. Here’s the lowdown //

The Candle / My favourite thing about working from home and not an office (bar the wearing of tracksuit bottoms at all times), is that I can light a candle as I work. This is an IIuvo Woodgrain one that’s a bit spicy but just about fresh enough to not make me feel like I’m trying to hold onto Christmas.

The Face Spritz / I am potty for face sprays during the winter – my skin when not spritzed regularly feels tight, as if my face is a mask that’s shrunk ever so slightly. It drives me to distraction and as I’d prefer to be focussed at my desk, I kept a spray where I can reach it at all times. At the moment, I’m working my way through Pai’s Lotus & Orange Blossom spray – very soothing, very refreshing.

The Hand Cream / See above: tight hands are maddening. I probably apply hand cream more often than is recommended but when they smell as good as this Yes To coconut number, I use them as much for the aromatherapeutic benefits as for the moisture. Every blob transports me to beaches… Hang on, I’m going to have another coconutty reverie…

The Back Aid / … Right, I’m back. God I love that stuff. On to this PurEssentiel Muscle & Joints Roller, which is as close to an on call masseuse as I’ve ever gotten. I roll it onto my shoulders to relieve tightness and little niggles throughout the day to avoid that whole stiff back thing come 7pm.

The Lip Balm / You’ve got it: most of this is to do with replenishing moisture lost (which is, by the by, pretty much the best way to healthy up skin). This By Terry Baume de Rose is my favourite  lip balm and I’ve written about it oodles of times previously – see here, and here, and here

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