Miller Harris Citron Citron Shower Gel

Bath & Shower , 17 January 2016

Hit Refresh / Miller Harris Citron Citron Shower Gel

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This is just a total extravagance: nobody needs a pricey shower gel. In fact, my usual mantra on the body-cleaning subject is all sensibleness: shower cheap, bathe expensive. A shower is an everyday thing that serves the purpose of just getting clean, a bath a way to slow down and – often – a treat.

So why have I run amok on this? I’ll tell you why. It’s because January is a bugger of a month that’s mostly free of the pleasures other months offer up as a matter of course. January is long. It is cold. It is right after the biggest, most sparkling and social month in the calendar, and (as Theodore Roosevelt once so wisely said) comparison is the thief of joy.

Scented shower gel has become my weapon against the jim jams, with citrus being my preferred choice. This Miller Harris Citron Citron one smells authentically lemony – how I imagine Sicily smells during the height of summer, when boats loll lazily around in the water and everything comes with a side of fresh, zesty lemon. Writing about that made me want another hit *pads into the shower*….

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