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Hair , 18 January 2016

The Giveaway / The Hair Reduction Machine That’s Got Me All Excited – CLOSED

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Excited, I hear you think. Over hair reduction? I see where you’re coming from – the word sounds a little odd in that context; excitement should be saved for things like lipsticks and facials and brownies and skiing (which, incidentally, I yesterday remembered I enjoy immensely – post with some Swiss updates to follow). A laser: not so much.

Unless, like me, you’re a bit hirsute. If you’re also a hairy Mary, you’ll know that there’s liberation in being free of an excess of the stuff, that the promise of no stubble/ingrowns/daily sessions with a razor is up there with the curing of a chronic – though not serious – disease. ‘Cause hairiness is a bit of a bane, isn’t it? Makes stripping off more challenging and trips to the swimming pool or beach an episode*. Very exhausting.

Enter the cause of excitement: my newest find in the form of the SmoothSkin Gold IPL Hair Reduction Device For Hair & Body. Given that I have paleish skin and darker hair (IPLs need to ‘see’ the hair in order to target the root), I put a lot of stock in IPLs and had previously enjoyed some success with the Tria, though hadn’t gone to town with it on larger areas because of the relatively small head. The SmoothSkin easily covered about three times the area in one zap of the Tria, and I therefore found myself willing to take on areas that had been left to waxing.

The virgin areas upon which I used the SmoothSkin are now happily on their way to baldness after a month’s worth of weekly sessions and I am enormously excited about the prospect of a summer without quite so many trips to Strip and the Ministry of Waxing. That’s right: excited. Judge away.

*Unless you have made peace with your hair, in which case I salute you and your lack of need for hair-removal. I’m not there yet, though I hear the other side is a freer and more wonderful place.

SmoothSkin IPL Hair Removal Device Review

Pros of the SmoothSkin Gold IPL at a glance //

– The large head covers a bigger area than most IPLs.

– It seems to relatively painless – give it a whirl, though, before you go to town on sensitive spots. If pain is an issue, just press the button on the top to turn it to ‘gentle’ mode – this won’t be as effective, but the important thing is to use it regularly…

– It isn’t fiddly in the slightest to use – just fire it up, press to your skin and zap away.

– It works on almost all skin types. Check the chart on their site before you buy, but provided there’s a difference between your hair and skin colours, this laser should work for you.

– Flashes are only a second apart. This may seem trifling, but it’s vital when you’re going to work with a laser – waiting between zaps is really, really irritating.

– It doesn’t need a conductive gel. Less mess on skin and the laser = thumbs up.

Cons of the SmoothSkin Gold IPL at a glance //

– It needs to be plugged in as you zap, though actually this only initially seems like a gripe – I’ve actually found it to be preferable to charging up midway through using. Horses for courses, though…

– You’re not meant to look at it as it goes to work as the light can damage eyes. This is only a difficult one if you’re lasering your face – I tend to catch a bit of the flash and worry for hours on end afterwards that I’ll become blind as a result. On the legs and stuff, I just look into the middle distance when I press the button, like a wimpy executioner.

– You have to shave. Same old issue as I have with all IPLs but shaving is a pain in the neck and turns me into a little stubbly hedgehog. If you’re really going to make it a worthwhile investment, you’ve sort of got to surrender to this stubble phase and just be religious about using weekly until the hair has diminished.

The Giveaway //

SmoothSkin have very kindly offered a SmoothSkin Gold IPL Hair Reduction Device For Hair & Body worth £299 as a giveaway to accompany this post. To enter, leave a comment in the below field. Winners will be picked on the 8th of February at 12pm GMT and notified on the e-mail account left when commenting (this won’t show up).



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