Illesteva Sunglasses Review

Fashion , 23 January 2016

It’s Love / Blue Illesteva Sunnies

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These Illesteva sunglasses and I are inseparable at the moment. I found them one evening at Liberty while browsing with my mum and after no deliberation whatsoever, begged hubs to get me them for my birthday (at over £200, I thought they were rather out of the ‘casual buy’ bracket)…

My birthday being in December, I spent pretty much the whole of the month praying for a sunny morning to fall on a day of meetings so I could trot around in them without looking like a moron. No such luck, though I donned them in the dim city anyway and garnered some rather odd looks and a couple of derogatory comments. Neither put me off.

Illesteva Sunglasses

Imagine my sheer joy, then, when I arrived in Switzerland to find it is currently an oasis of sun! Now that I’m wearing them in bright light as intended and not just in gloomy old London, I’ve found them to be marvellously effective at shielding my eyes from the glare as was doubtless the intention when they were being made.

I’ll get to the point, shall I? Here goes: snap a pair* of winter sunnies up now. Not only will they (hopefully) bring you the joy I describe above, but without them sunny days cause all kinds of damage to eyes from forming premature wrinkles through squinting to damaging the lens of the eye, potentially leading to cataracts and discolouration.

There’s a nice ancillary benefit to be had: get a bright or jazzy pair like mine and they’ll make making-up ruddy easy – I just apply a bit of base and bronzer, tidy up brows and whack these on. Job done.

*If you like these ones, I’d hurry – I snapped up the last pair in the shop and have been reliably informed that the online stock is limited in the extreme. Find them here.



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