Milkshake Energizing Blend Shampoo Review

Hair , 25 January 2016

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These giveaways are becoming a bit of a weekly occurrence at the moment, aren’t they? Nice way to start the week, spreading product love is. Perhaps I should make it a staple… Hmm…

Right, you’re not here to hear about my scheduling ideas, are you? Quite right too. Onto business. Cast your mind back to late spring, when Italian brand milk_shake launched on the scene and my fellow beauty boffs and I got a little bit excited. You may remember my instagram/Marie Claire raves about the vanilla scented leave-in conditioner – they were but many.

Here’s a recap if you missed them: milk_shake’s hero product Whipped Cream is a lazy girl’s (or guy’s) dream. A ball of it worked into damp hair softens, conditions, helps preserve colour and reconstructs without adding weight. Most of the goodness is attributed to the brand’s signature milk proteins, though there’s a bunch of other hair-loving stuff in there like sunflower extract to repair and protect.

When their new Energizing Blend range targeting puny hair landed on my desk, I pretty much jumped straight in the shower with it. Some of you may be puzzled by my enthusiasm and I feel I owe you the briefest of explanations: though my hair has always looked abundant, it has certainly thinned slightly as a result of my PCOS and, worrier that I am, I’m always on the hunt for anything that’ll help it out.

Research into thinning and loss of density confirms what Annabel Kingsley (the famous Philip’s daughter – both are trichologists) once told me: the key to healthy hair lies at the scalp. Once growing, you can condition and avoid over-styling, but effectively the fate of a strand is decided at the root. If you’d like to maximise your hair growth then, you need to get friendly with your scalp (best budget hair tip you’ll ever hear: a daily head massage with fingertips boosts circulation and therefore hair growth).

Milk_shake know this to be the case and the three products comprising the range deliver on the promise of helping hair out where it counts: the Hair Thickener Scalp Treatment, a Hair Thickener Shampoo, and a Hair Thickener Conditioner all go to work on increasing microcirculation to encourage growth, calming growth-inhibiting inflammation with a blend of organic sage and rosemary, and nourishing with rice bran and a host of other oils.

The idea is to wash with the shampoo, taking time to apply the product to the scalp with a gentle massage, follow with the conditioner (again, massage, wait – basically let it do its thing), and to use the scalp treatment twice weekly to supercharge your efforts. Sound easy? It is, which is why I’ve stuck to the regime long enough to reap results which, to wit, are hair that feels slightly stronger, definitely thicker and marginally denser at the roots.

The Giveaway //

Want to try it? To enter the giveaway to win all three of the Energizing Blend Products AND the original Whipped Cream, leave a comment in the below field. Winners will be picked on the 15th of February at 12pm GMT and notified on the e-mail account left when commenting (this won’t show up).

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