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Make-up , 28 January 2016

Newness / Foundations Reviewed Part 4: Laura Mercier, Chanel, RMK, Bourjois, EX1

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Part 4. 4! Goodness. Do you need further introduction? I don’t suppose so – you surely know the drill by now. Let’s wade straight in:

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review

Bourjois City Radiance Brightening Effect Foundation //

About / Part of the Bourjois spring collection, this foundation is designed to be an all-in-one for busy city folk who need a pollution screen, SPF (30: bravo Bourjois), and brightening in one.

My Verdict / I use this on days when I have to get up earlier than I’d have liked and look a bit grey. On such mornings my main make-up focus is just to look like a member of the living – and cover minor spots/unevenness. As this is a fairly full coverage finish that somehow masquerades as ‘fresh supermodel skin’ simultaneously, that’s exactly what I get – a decent whack of coverage with a pretty, radiant finish. I powder my t-zone but dryer skins may not have to.

The Packaging / A plastic tube that’s ideal for handbags/travel. Squeezes out without waste or difficulty.

The Details / This comes in 6 shades (not enough people at Bourjois – pull your socks up), and is available here for £9.99.

RMK UV Liquid Foundation Review

RMK UV Liquid Foundation //

About / Sister company to rather more dear Suqqu, RMK’s bases are cult among beauty insiders who snap them up knowing they’re pretty much Suqqu stuff at a more affordable price point. This newbie is all about serious waterproof SPF 50 protection without compromising the finish which RMK tout as ‘second skin.’ It contains skincare ingredients, too – hydrating Bilberry extract, antioxidant Salvia extract and emollient shea butter are all in the mix.

My Verdict / An SPF 50 is usually the death knell of a foundation, rendering it chalky. Not so this one – it really, really does look just like (good) skin which, in my estimation, is slightly sheeny, smooth and even. As it’s fairly watery in texture, you may find yourself tempted to apply more than needed. Don’t. A very small blob (the size of a grain of rice) will amply cover a face. While I’m currently using more conservative foundation SPF hybrids, this will absolutely be my go-to over summer months.

The Packaging / A plastic bottle with a little squeezy dispenser, this looks pretty stylish but also would travel well. Gets a bit messy sometimes as the foundation is so very liquid.

The Details / This one comes in 6 shades (tut tut), launching here on the 17th of March here for £34.

Laura Mercier Candlelight Glow Foundation

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation //

About / A blend of radiant particles, water and lightweight oils with skincare properties, this foundation is Laura’s offering to those of us who can’t get enough of the whole glowing from within thing.

My Verdict / Got great skin already and want to wrap it in a big, beautiful luminous bow that’ll have people asking what you’ve done? Get this. If, like me, your skin isn’t perfect but you don’t mind doing a fair bit of concealing after you’ve applied foundation, again – one for you. If you’re married to a blanket of coverage, give it a miss.

The Packaging / A slim glass rectangle that calls refraction to mind thanks to the thickness of glass, this is satisfying to behold and fondle (I really mean pick up, but it does beg a fondle once in hand – trust me).

The Details / Comes in an impressive 34 shades, launching in February for £35 here.

Chanel Les Beidges healthy Glow Foundatio Review

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation //

About / Chanel are calling this an ‘outdoor glow’ in a bottle. It boasts an SPF 25, ingredients like hyaluronic acid to act as a humectant, kalanchoe to protect skin and a polymer to resist sweat and sebum.

My Verdict / Luminescent. Really. The finish isn’t matte – though if you’re shiny it’ll keep it under moderate control – nor shiny. Just luminescent. Apply it in the traditional method, and you’ll get a medium to full finish. Add a drop of oil or moisturiser, and it becomes more lightweight, adding glow while disguising some redness and patchiness. It doesn’t budge easily – after full day’s wear it didn’t seem to mysteriously be gobbled by my skin as most foundations are.

The Packaging / Display-worthy; this is, after all, a Chanel bottle. Has both form and function: rather than a fiddle pipette or other such silly dispensers, the lid hides a pump. Glass, mind, so don’t put it in your make-up bag (as if you would).

The Details / Comes in 14 shades, though these may not all be available depending on where you’re buying. Costs £36 here.

EK1 Foundation Review

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation //

About / Hurrah: a foundation range made specifically for olive skins. No whisper of pink/peach/rose in this. Oh no. The riot of beiges and deep bronzes has stealthily gained a host of fans including Alessandra Ambrossio, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Winslet. I know: the final two aren’t olive in hue. That’s the other good thing about this one – if you’re faking a body tan, you can quite realistically match your face up with this (provided you’re only attempting a shade or two darker).

The Packaging / Oh dear. If only the people behind this had realised that in the case of make-up one usually does judge the book by the cover…

My Verdict / What this lacks in appearance, it makes up for in performance. I initially applied a blob straight to my face and looked, for want of a better word, absurd. Very brown, very lacking in vagaries of shade that make a face look alive. I removed it and thinned it with a brush and a touch of highlighter. That gave me the desired effect: J Lo, all aglow. Another one for summer months for me, though if you’ve truly got no pink in your skin, go for it now…

The Details / Available in 5 shades (given the specific market they’re targeting, I think this is plenty), costs £12.50 here.

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  • stashmatters says:

    That RMK UV Liquid Foundation sounds really nice!
    Never heard of EX1 but it sounds good – the packaging is very similar to a foundation that Milani used to make… very dated looking for sure.

  • regine says:

    i’m so glad that you’ve reviewed the Bourjois one! i was looking at it today at Superdrug and thought i’d wait for some trusty blogger review before buying it. mind you, now i’m super interested in the RMK too.

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