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Originally published here in Marie Claire.

Sitting across the table from David Gandy is, if we’re being totally honest, a bit of an odd experience; in our minds eye the piercing blue eyes, deep olive skin and dark hair that comprise that famous head should be emerging from a turquoise ocean off the coast of Italy a la that iconic Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue advert. Instead, David’s cradling his head in his hand in an industrial London studio where we’re holed up to shoot our July beauty story (not that we’re complaining one little bit – we’re keen on being in the proximity of David wherever he may go).

While initially a little shy, taking sips on a cup of tea in the kitchen (milk, no sugar), he offers snippets of his daily routine when pressed: ‘The first thing I do everyday? Find my way to my Nespresso machine. I’m an awful morning person.’ Make a note ladies – Nespresso first thing, tea thereafter.

David Gandy On Set

Conversation moves onto scent and David divulges a fondness for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue original fragrance (‘I always wear it as the weather heats up – the fresh citrus scent is so light’) and a favourite memory of getting back from school to the smell of freshly cut grass.

After drinks, it’s time to get ready for pictures. David’s hair is being groomed by long-term friend Larry King, and once in his company he segues from slightly reticent to one of the boys: they heckle one another, joke about each other’s foibles and basically indulge in a little bromance.

So, David Gandy: enormously, ridiculously, maddeningly handsome. Handsome, friendly, easy-going, tea-drinking, Nespresso-loving and, as if that weren’t enough, we can assure you that he’s also in possession of some very charming manners. Look out for him in the July issue and, in the meantime, enjoy getting to know David a little better in the above video. And, yes, he is actually singing the Carlton Banks version of ‘It’s Not Unusual.’

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