REN Keep Young And Beautiful Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift

Skincare , 7 February 2016

REN Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift: Your Latest Must Have?

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Once upon a time, puffiness was my problem. Each and every morning I’d wake to find my face embedded in excess puff and, gradually, features would emerge. When sharing my swollen face with others I’d be mortified (despite their protesting that it was simply hilarious and yet another quirk to add to my many). Dear reader, those were halcyon days. On waking this morning I peered in the mirror to find dark rings, a network of fine lines I know will only deepen as time advances and, yes, a little puff to boot.

Despair I didn’t, for I’ve recently discovered a lightweight eye serum that makes an instant difference and (I hope/they promise) will over time help to diminish the disagreeable triumvirate in the form of REN’s Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift (launching here this month). The third foray into products promising both instant and cumulative benefits by the consistently-impressive REN, this eye serum really peps eyes up in a subtle way – no shimmer/coverage in this one, just an instant pearlescent luminescence and a whole lot of comfort.

I wouldn’t bother to use this in the evening (the light reflective pigments would just be wasted on your pillow), but would instead slip a pump on as the last step in skincare in the morning, dabbing a little on top of make-up throughout the day when starting to look fatigued (just me? My eyes get increasingly more wrinkly as the day progresses now. Joy).

Here’s what REN claim distinguishes this number //

Tuberose Active Shells / These strengthen the matrix between cells to redensify the area around the eye while increasing micro-circulation to eliminate puffiness.

Hyaluronans / To instantly lift and smooth, while also encouraging elastin synthesis over time. Basically: a wrinkle-buster, long and short term.

Microalga / To plump, but also to bind with the Hyaluronans and thus enhance the lift element.

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