the baglioni venice review

City Breaks, Travel , 11 February 2016

A Peep Inside The Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice

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Back in October, I posted a photo diary of my trip to Venice and scribbled a note to remind myself to write about the hotel in which I stayed. And here we are in February owing to my being diverted and spending a good four months telling other tales before stumbling upon these pictures on my laptop. My apologies, though actually I think this has been a fortunate happening: Venice is not at its best over winter and there are plum deals all over the internet at the moment for weekends away.

The baglioni Venice

So: Venice. Haunting, timeless, magnificent. It’d be an awful shame for a hotel not to reflect those qualities and, happily, the Luna Hotel Baglioni does, managing to be both sumptuous and spectacularly comfortable in one fell swoop. Here’s the breakdown //

Baglioni Venice Review

Baglioni Venice Review

THE ROOMS / Oh-so-grand and – more importantly – spectacular of lighting. Think endless Murano glass chandeliers and dimmer switches. It’s the lighting-obsessive’s palace of dreams. If you’re looking for a romantic weekend away and are thinking of spending a bit of time at the base camp but want it to be flatteringly-lit (you understand what I’m indelicately dancing around), this is the hotel to hit up.

The Baglioni Hotel in Venice

The Baglioni Venice Review

THE RESTAURANTS / Breakfast takes place in the sort of breathtaking banquet hall I used to dream of dancing in as a child (just me?…). In my estimation it’s slightly wasted on breakfast’s casual visitors, but I suppose it’s nice that something goes on in there. The bar on the ground floor is a good spot for a nice aperol before heading out, but I’d caution against dining at the poncy Canova Restaurant. Take yourself to Da Ivo instead.

Baglioni Venice Review

THE LOCATION / Ideal. A few streets away from the hustle and bustle but a five minute walk from Piazza San Marco, this feels like a retreat in the middle of the city. Also has its own private jetty if you’re feeling flush and want to take a gondola ride or get to the hotel by speedboat.

Baglioni Venice Review

Sold? Thought so. I shop for my deals here, but do have a good ferret around the usual sites – I’ve found booking flights and hotels simultaneously while being flexible on dates have got me the best deals.

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