Prismologie, Janjira and Oskia Massage Candle Reviews

Skincare, Wellbeing , 14 February 2016

The Candles That Double Up As Skincare

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The lead up to Valentine’s day flies under my radar, mostly because I march past all the displays in shops and delete any e-mail mentioning the V word in the manner of the deeply embittered because I just can’t handle all the schmaltz. I love love as much as the next person but a day of love? Not for me.

On the actual day itself, though, I slip; convictions fly out the window when gifts are on the proverbial table, so while last night I decried all displays of Valentine’s affection, this morning I’ve plagued poor hubs with entreaties to buy me flowers/chocolates/anything he deems loving enough to make up for sticking to my ‘ignore the 14th of February’ rule. I know: I’m a joy.

If you’re a man in a similar last minute conundrum, or just want to buy yourself something that’s completely and utterly decadent today, here’s my stab at offering direction: order a massage candle. No, no, no: these aren’t horrid, sticky, slimy, sinfully-sweet things that’ll coat the bed in grease and instantly make you feel about as unsexy as it gets. The new generation are subtly-perfumed and cocoon the skin in a veil of warm, non-greasy oil.

Janjira Massage Candle

I keep mine next to my bed, burning it while I’m in the bath, blowing it out (crucial – do not try to pour while the wick is lit) and then slipping it on my skin before I hop into bed. If you were of more traditionally romantic persuasions than I, you could use it for the purposes of a massage, but I say use it as an excuse to treat yourself daily.

Here are three excellent ones that are all exceedingly nourishing thanks to their blend of beeswax, soybean and coconut oil //

OSKIA ROSE DE MAI SKIN SMOOTHING MASSAGE CANDLE / Oskia’s effort is both feminine and soporific thanks to the scent of proper, powdery rose.

PRISMOLOGIE INDIGO INTERLUDE MASSAGE CANDLE / Like things less girly? Grab this – it’s a bit woody and utterly moreish.

JANJIRA JASMINE & YLANG YLANG THERAPY CANDLE / This is heady and floral, transporting me to summer when I smear it on.



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