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The Panic Station, Wellbeing , 16 February 2016

The Giveaway / The Pause Between Being Stressed & Panic (& How I Use My Bach Kit) – CLOSED

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Anxiety is mostly considered to fall into two camps: generalised (sometimes referred to as Generalized Anxiety Disorder), and acute attacks, where panic slices into your life making normal activity almost impossible.

In this post, I’d like to talk about the little gap between the two that you need to make friends with if you often find yourself in the eye of the storm. The gap is slight. Oh so slight. The tangible worry about real life things like bills/exams/early mornings (generalised) and intangible ‘holy shit I can’t catch my breath’ (acute) are siblings and as such communicate with each other in a way that can be hard to understand – even to the person within whom they dwell.

Here’s how I have come to understand the symbiosis between the two: generalized anxiety is the rational one – the thinker. The one who plays things out to see what might happen. Its generalized’s job to take events and turn them over until the worst possible outcome has been played out. After this, doting sibling Acute picks up the buck and comes in – sometimes after a delay – all bolshy and balsy, ready to spring to action; Acute is the sporty one of the two and is all about raising heart rate and getting the palms sweating.

Most who suffer from both as I do spend their days indulging generalised, rationalising that we’d prefer to take the heightened mental vigilance over the full-on panic that mad Acute incites. Tragically, the subject of our worry is often what’ll happen if panic steps in which – you’ve guessed it – is precisely the way to rile the beast that is Acute up.

Bach Rescue Remedy

But it isn’t all doom and gloom; I mentioned the pause between the two that comes before panic (though it may sometimes feel it feels as if it comes out of nowhere, this is rarely true thanks to the militant nature of the subconscious). In my experience if you bed into this little crack before panic sets in and sit in it, making it wider and more comfortable, you can take the reins from Acute and steer the course as you will.

This is where safety behaviours in the form of things or products deployed to take the sting out of panic or attempt to distract the mind can be enormously helpful. A bath, a babble down the phone to a friend and sometimes even a brandy will fortify the nerves and provide the sensory ‘change’ that will affect the trajectory of the episode.

Here’s where today’s giveaway comes in: Bach Rescue Remedies have long been one of my go-to products to help lengthen the pause for quite some time. Containing a blend of flower remedies like cherry plum and rock rose, the idea is to soothe the senses and take the edge off stress. Further than this, if the habit of turning to a herbal remedy when feeling wobbly is successfully cultivated, taking one will serve to remind Acute that it is about to have a bit of a fight on its hands which, as we all know, works wonders when it comes to bullies.

The Giveaway /

Bach Rescue Remedies have very kindly offered six of their rescue products as a giveaway to accompany this post. All are pictured at the top of this article. To enter, leave a comment in the below field. Winners will be picked on the 7th of March at 12pm GMT and notified on the e-mail account left when commenting (this won’t show up).


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