Clarins multi-Active Jour & Multi-Active Nuit Review

Skincare , 17 February 2016

The Review / Night & Day, Are These The Ones?

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As a rule, I don’t care much for moisturisers. SPFs: count me in. Oils: yes please. A serum: now you’re talking. But after all of them have had a crack at making my skin all lovely, there’s not really any room for moisturiser.

There’s a secondary reason for my not going nuts for moisturisers: they pretty much just hang around on the surface of your skin. There are benefits in this – they prevent the transepidermal loss of water from skin that leads to dehydration, and also do an awful lot for comfort of the skin’s surface while adding the appearance of lustre – but they don’t really do a lot.

How did these slip through the net then? Weellll, I tested partly on a whim to check I still think the thoughts I think I think (oh you know what I mean), and partly because my mum has sworn by Clarins for years and she’s got rather marvellous skin indeed.

Here’s what Clarins promise these two reformulations will deliver: teasel extract to fight free radicals, plant extract myrothamnus to rehydrate in the day moisturiser and California poppy to encourage the synthesis of collagen and fight free radicals, as well as the usual Clarins cocktail of plant extracts to smooth and nourish.

The sum mission is solid in my opinion: keep skin hydrated and healthy during the day and, at night, target damage. This is basically the premise of all good topical routines, though how a cream could deliver all the actives of a serum and comfort of a cream simultaneously baffled me.

In practice, they performed well on my skin when applied in place of my serum (following this routine), neither forming the gooey layer I associate with poor moisturisers nor disappearing after short wear. My sensitive skin didn’t flare up as a result of the fragrance (sorry, purists, this is not for you – Clarins decided this would contribute to the joy of use), nor did any spots spring forth.

Were I not devoted to my ludicrous routine (I hope one day for it to swell to an 11-parter) and to really results-driven skincare, I’d probably be a whole lot more excited. As it is, they’ve had me reaching for them repeatedly, which is more than any other cream has done in years.

Two cautions if you like the sound of them and want to give them a whirl: 1) don’t forget to follow the daytime version with an SPF, and 2) use a scoop and not fingers to dish out the product – jar packaging is problematic in any case (once product’s exposed to the air the actives lose efficacy), but this is particularly the case when fingers covered in grime are dipped in.

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream for All Skin Types costs £42 and will launch here at the end of the month.

Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin or for Normal to dry Skin costs £44 and will launch here at the end of the month.


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