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Round-Up , 27 February 2016

7 Speedy Saviours I Found In My Handbag This Week

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Come the end of the week, I tend to do a little handbag stocktake. Usually this is just a case of making sure I have chewing gum, hairbands and whatever lip thing I’m into at the time in there, but last night it turned into an epic session of sorting things into little bags and giving things a good wipe down. Let’s leave aside my rather warped idea of a good Friday and plough right into the gems I unearthed…

First, wipes. Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes, to be more specific. Never, ever to go on my face (unless doing a quick tidy up of eyeliner smudges), but instead for hands or anything slightly grubby.

Next, eye stuff. As my eyes suffer the most when I’m tired and this week has been trying, I introduced some rather extreme methods to injecting them with moisture – when sunny, I popped a couple of Institut Esthederm Eye Contour Lift Patches under sunnies (nobody knew!), and later when things started to feel dry, rolled Clinique’s new Pep Start Eye Cream on (mini review: lovely ball applicator that smooths and rolls cream on, nice consistency, and very effective at ‘waking’ eyes up).

Nars Impassioned and RMS Living Luminizer Review

Lips were slathered in my new favourite find: Alpha H Absolute Lip Perfector. Not only is this one great at protecting from the elements (it’s thick and balmy with a UV filter), but it also contains honeycomb and hyaluronic to nourish, as well as peppermint to get blood flowing into lips which will in turn swell them slightly.

As looking alive and awake were my main concerns this week, I had two things stashed in my make-up bag to make me look perkier: blusher (Nars Impassioned which does a similar enlivening  job to cult Orgasm but is more muted) and RMS Living Luminizer. The latter is my favourite thing of late – organic, beloved by MANY a supermodel and adept at making skin glow, it comes in a little pot so I just tap a touch onto my cupid’s bow or on top of cheekbones to add instant ‘life’ to my face.

The final thing is a multi-tasker: Egyptian Magic. My bag has increasingly become heavier and heavier as it has become a receptacle for all and sundry so I’ve therefore tried to lighten the load with this balm that will moisturise hands and other dry bits, act as a hair-tamer, remove make-up smudges, and many, many other things to boot.

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