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Health , 3 March 2016

That Time I Warded Off A Cold With These…

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Like all great falls from grace, my recent one was preceded by hubris. In February, hubs caught a cold, my sister sniffled, my mum phoned to say she needed a sofa day, but not I. Dear reader, I was not modest about the achievements of my body in navigating the winter without succumbing to any lurgy. I told them all unequivocally – and smugly – that their immune systems were compromised and that had they followed a regime as sound as mine, they’d never have fallen ill.

Nemesis quickly struck me in the form of a sore, sore throat, though thanks to my stockpile of soothing products I never ended up having to admit to being poorly. After just one day spent working from the sofa while glugging Neal’s Yard Organic Honey & Thyme Syrup (so delicious I’m tempted to use the remnants to make cocktails), squirting Puressentiel’s Respiratory Nasal Spray up my nose to clear gathering congestion, and massaging my neck and chest with their Respiratory Balm to ease tightness, I’d recovered.

Whether the result of this formidable organic wellness trio or of my morning routine that I believe to be so conducive to good health I suppose I’ll never know, but I will absolutely have these ready to go next time I’m feeling puny. Oh, and if things progress past the nebulous illness stage, I’ll have these to hand.

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