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Hair , 4 March 2016

Well This Is A New Thing / Scrubbing The Scalp

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If you balked at the idea of adding a pre-serum to your skincare routine, this post is not for you. This one’s for the rest of you – those who dip into my ‘there’s another thing I can play with in the morning?! Wonderful!’ camp. And if you feel your hair lacks oomph and lustre, this is especially for you. (Great – typing those words called the Kylie and Jason classic to mind and I’ll now have it stuck in my head all day…)

Here it is: scrubbing the scalp. Not with a body scrub, but with a scalp scrub. A pot of scrubby stuff designed for the purpose. The reasoning is this: in gently sloughing away dead skin and accumulated grease/product sitting on the surface of the scalp, hair is better able to grow. Add in the hair-stimulating microcirculation factor, and you’ll have very happy roots indeed – which is where it really matters on the whole healthy hair thing.

I’ve had a bit of a play and found three to be outstanding for the purpose: Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp MaskChristophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, and Salon Science Hydrafoliant Scalp Scrub. If you want to really expand into scalp care, follow with a dose of Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum (I apply mine to the front bits of my hair where I’m paranoid about thinning).

Tip: I’ve found getting the mask to the scalp a bit of a challenge on account of hair. To get around this, I just part my hair with my fingers in different spots, apply the scrub to the parting, scrub, and then move onto making another parting.


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