Panic Disorder for The Huffington Post

Five Things Never to Say to Someone Suffering From Panic Disorder / The Huffington Post

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Being told that panic is a ‘weakness’ or that it will subside if a ‘real illness’ sets in is damaging and upsetting to the panickee – and to the cause of mental health awareness. In this piece for the Huffington Post, I talk about some of the other nonsense I’ve heard time and again throughout the years. Click here to read.


  • Kelly Glen says:

    I just wanted to say what a good article about suffering from panic attacks. I have had very bad anxiety for a very long time and this article just expressed everything so well. I don’t think anybody can really understand what it like to have a panic attack unless they have had one. Hopefully by reading the article it might help people understand a little bit more.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kelly. I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety, though I’m pleased this resonated. I feel exactly the same – panic attacks are such a difficult thing to describe to those who don’t suffer and given that there seem to be so many of us nowadays I think it’s hugely important to speak up. I hope your attacks become less frequent/cease soon xx

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