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Make-up , 1 April 2016

Must Have / The Spoolie

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It is a rarity that a product is as easy – nay, easier – to fashion out of a soon-to-be discarded item as it is to buy, but here is one! Meet the spoolie. We’ll get onto its uses in a minute. First, let me dwell on the brilliant ease with which you can acquire one. Mascaras are meant to be replaced between 3-6 months after opening (a rule I’ve never quite managed to adhere to – I find I tend to prefer them after they’ve become a touch waxier as a result of being exposed to air), so all you have to do once you’ve decided to part with a tube is take the spoolie brush out, rinse in shampoo, chuck the mascara receptacle and hey presto! You have yourself a spoolie.

mascara spoolies

Here’s where things get exciting: this isn’t only a thrifty thing but a darn useful on and can be used to… //

– Brush oil through brows at night / Slightly gentler than the toothbrush, though still effective at encouraging microcirculation and therefore stimulating hair growth. If you don’t like any product in your brows, just brush them with the spoolie before bed – it’s surprisingly soothing and will still do the job.

– Groom brows generally / Use them to shape your brows during plucking, while filling with a brow product and throughout the day if hairs spring out of place. N.B. If you’ve wild, wild brow hairs like me, you may need to add a gel to the process. I love RMK’s Brow Gel for a day-to-day tamer.

– Comb through mascara / I love the waxiness of slightly old mascara at the roots of my lashes for volume but loathe it at the ends, which should (in my opinion) be fluttery and free of lumps. Whip this out after you’ve coated your lashes to separate strands and remove any clogs.


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