Joan Collins Divine Lipstick in Rosy

Make-up , 3 April 2016

THIS: Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick

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You won’t often hear me rhapsodise about a lipstick. To me, if they deposit colour, aren’t absurdly drying and come in a shade I’m into, I’m pretty much down with it. But, then, lipstick and I don’t have a particularly steady relationship; we have a fling at weekends, and sometimes get together on special weekdays, but eyeshadow is my serious love and I accordingly let it take centre stage for most occasions.

When this Joan Collins Divine Lips lipstick in Rosy was given to me by make-up artist Alyn Waterman, who told me I’d love it because it’s so very creamy and really quite a beautiful colour and – yes – would work with pretty much every eye I applied, I sort of naysayed, shoved it in my bag and forgot about it. A week later, I found myself unexpectedly at a fancy bar (as you do) and needed a little lift so rummaged in my bag, fished it out and decided to give it a whirl. The flash of pink was just the thing my face needed – I instantly looked lifted and refreshed, though my studded jacket and ruffled hair stopped things becoming too barbie.

My Sunday tip then is this: grab Joan’s lipstick in this shade. It’s frothy and fresh, really pretties up a face and is just about permissible if you’re not in your teens (especially if, like me, you’re not pairing it with ringlets and patent heels). If the shade isn’t your thing: Joan Collins lipstick in general. Really. It may not have tonnes of column inches (she doesn’t advertise in glossies) or celebs citing their usage (they’re already paid up by other brands), but this is a solid, solid lipstick effort that will really earn its place in your make-up bag.

P.s. The gold packing is a dupe for Charlotte’ Tilbury’s.

P.p.s. Here’s a picture of me wearing it looking very moody (sorry – I will smile more going forward).

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lips


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