Neville Hairdresser Review

Hairdressers , 9 April 2016

Inside Neville Hair & Beauty aka The Hairdressers Who Always Get It Right

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Scroll back through my hair posts and you’ll find a whole lot of references to Neville Hair & Beauty; despite my reluctance to embark on more than one mode of transport during any one journey (Neville requires three of me – a travesty!), I keep returning because I always emerge with a do I love.

While I’ll perfectly happily see anyone there (and in fact have been several times for both cuts and colour without seeing the same person twice), I was particularly impressed this time by my trim by Yuri Jimenez and highlights by Nana Gries. Both took time to look at my huge raft of pictures, listen to my emotional language about hair (e.g. “I want it to look relaxed, so I look breezy – y’know what I mean?”), and continued to check I was happy as they progressed.

After Yuri trimmed, then thinned, then thinned, then thinned some more, Nana grabbed four different hues (platinum, two blondes and a dark to add in contrast so the lighter shades shone) and painted them into my hair. The result? To borrow from that old classic Fools Rush In, it was everything I never knew I always wanted. And the effect – as is always my experience when having hair done – has extended far beyond my appearance: with shorter, bouncier hair I feel a bit more frothy and energetic in general. Hello 7am starts…

Neville Hair & Beauty Review

Chop chop with Yuri Jimenez

Nana Gries Hair

Nana Gries works her highlighting magic

Balayage London

Ta da! Here’s the finished look:

Hair Colour and cut at Neville's

Balayage Highlights London

Balayage Hair



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