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Round-Up , 16 April 2016

The Saturday Smorgasbord #2

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A glance north of my laptop screen is enough to convince me that I am a little mad. It is blue and green as far as my eye can see, with patches of Ionian Sea glittering under the sun’s fierce eye. The scene is inviting me to lie supine, and yet here I am, writing about these products. Mad, right?

If you’re happy to take beauty advice from a mad woman who should rightly be locked up for choosing to write an ode to skincare and make-up over sunning herself in Greece, enjoy //

Burberry Full Kisses Lipstick Review

Burberry l to r Full Kisses in l to r Oxblood No 549, Peony Rose no 513, Dewberry no 545, English Rose no 529

Burberry Full Kisses / Things that separate this from every other lipstick on the market: 1) The serious whack of colour delivered in one swipe; 2) The colour range which is remarkably wearable and yet bold at once, and 3) The bullet shape, which can be turned on its side to define lips or rolled across the surface to fill in. Dewberry is my favourite – just deep enough to hint at 90s chic, just plummy enough to make lips look plumper.

Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows Review

Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes in l to r 02 Opale and 08 Spice 

Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes / Tried creamy eyeshadows but found them wanting previously? Get your hands on these: they blend with ease initially and then last and last and last. I find that a little goes an awfully lot way so tend to tap the tiniest dot onto the outer corner of my eyes and blend in with a MAC 217. The above two are in colours I love, but the bolder among you will find shades to satisfy your inner peacock in the range.

Anne Semonin Exfoliating shower gel and Ole Henrikson Blueberry Enzyme Mask

Anne Semonin Exfoliating Shower Gel / You know how very discerning I am when it comes to scrubs – they must be quite scrubby indeed to garner a mention. The only previous shower gel/exfoliant hybrid I’ve recommended is by Jurlique. It is now joined by this Anne Semonin number, which exfoliates properly (no silly beads suspended in gel – this is the business) and also smells terrifically refreshing.

Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask / Yes, yes, yes to this mask. The papaya enzymes slough off dead skin without damaging healthy cells, while lavender and blueberry soothe and strengthen the skin. I use this gel mask twice a week at the moment and am always amazed at how very smooth and glowing my skin looks on rinsing it off.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 Illuminator and MAC fUTURE skIN dROPS

Burberry Spring Summer Illuminator Swatches

Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Palette Nude Gold 02 / This is mostly here because I just loved this dreamy palette and am a bit of a magpie. The finish is fairly hefty sheen of the instagram-able variety. This is definitely not my thing, but I’ve found use for it as an eyeshadow to illuminate lids. If, however, you like to jump all aboard the mega-strobing thing, this will serve you well.

MAC Lustre Drops Pink Rebel / Another very sheeny shiny highlighter, this time in a warm peach that looks good on deeper skin tones. I add a couple of drops of this to foundation to make it glow, which is how I suggest you don it if you want to look lit from within.

De Mamiel Spring Oil and Korres Wild Rose Oil

Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening and Nourishing Face Oil / Korres built their empire on the strength of their Wild Rose moisturiser. Now that oils are de rigueur, they’ve turned their attentions to them. This is one of two recent launches (the other is a Black Pine oil that is mostly designed to firm and regenerate) and is a nifty moisturising oil that I mix with serum/foundation or just use neat to fortify and moisturise. Cute little bottle too.

De Mamiel Spring Oil / If you’re serious about skincare, get this before it goes: this limited edition oil by the brilliant De Mamiel works like a boot camp for winter-worn skin, flooding it with fatty acids, minerals and vitamins to perk it up. Use it pressed onto cleansed skin under SPF in the morning and massage a few drops in properly at night until the bottle runs out. Works well on all skin types.

Mark and Spencer pURE maRINE sERUM AND nIOD fractionates eyE sERUM

Marks & Spencer Pure Marine Active Face Serum / I’m so bloody picky about serums so was delighted/amazed to find that this M & S one that’s due out later in the month is really, really good. Full of soothing botanical extracts, this quenches thirsty skin and instantly absorbs – were I blind testing, I’d swear this was by Elemental Herbology or Estelle & Thild.

Evolve Organic Beauty Nourishing Hair Oil with Argan and Baobab / My newly-dyed hair needed this organic oil ever so much. By the mastermind behind Nude and S5, the blend of organic oils gives life back to over processed hair. This isn’t a dry oil, so if using as a treatment before shampooing, I’d recommend you whack it on in the morning and shower it off before bed if you’d like to keep your pillows from getting greasy. I also use a dollop on damp hair and then some more to smooth flyaways.

Niod Fractionated Eye Contour / NIOD are very, very much into the science bit and their products, though a little mystifying in name, are made for those who are serious about topically targeting skin concerns. This eye contour product is made to work on eye-specific ageing complaints – ‘normal’ wrinkles aren’t covered. Instead, it’ll diminish the little fine network of wrinkles that creep under eyes, and also attack puffiness and darkness. This feels like water FYI, so be careful when using the pipette – I almost got the precious stuff everywhere.

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