Naturasan Antiseptic Spray Review

Uncategorized , 17 April 2016

Natrasan: The Spray That Does It All

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Spot the oddity in that pile of products. Isn’t hard, is it? I’ve not just put the spray there to pretty up by association something that’s slightly lacking in pulchritude; that Natrasan spray is genuinely now the king of my skincare routine out here in Greece where I use it on sun-reddened stretches of skin/budding spots/insect bites/anything looking a bit weird, and have marvelled at its ability to render all far less angry.

It’s a shame for Natrasan that it isn’t in a nicer bottle: had it been, I may well have discovered it an awful lot sooner. As it was, I had shoved it into my first aid box in the utility cupboard along with plasters and the fluffy cotton wool balls that my husband had mistakenly bought when instructed to pick up some cotton wool pads (side note: does anyone use those silly cloudy balls for anything? What are they good at doing?).

There it languished until Monty entered our life. Late on his first night at ours, I discovered a little, though deep, wound from his journey. Looking for something to keep it clean overnight, I rummaged around and was caught by the promises on the label of NatraSan: ‘uses body’s own natural antiseptic, 100% natural and safe, pH neutral – will not sting, use on cuts and wounds to prevent infection.’ Just the thing. I sprayed it on the poor boy hoped for the best.

The next day at the vet, Monty was fitted with a cone to stop him from licking and the vet patted me on the back for using this stuff and sanctioned the use of it as a healing aid. By then, my curiosity peaked, I started to test it on myself. I had a healing spot, so on this went. Spot disappeared unusually quickly. Next, a big, fat ulcer on my tongue. Again: gone in record time. I now wipe my phone with it daily, use it in emergency situations (little burns from the oven, deodorant at a pinch etc), regularly employ it as a toner, and even gargled with it when I have a sore throat.

Wondering what this wonderful stuff actually consists of? Well it’s just pure Hypochlorous Acid (which is created in the body to kill invading germs). Discovered in the 19th century and first produced in the 1960s, once the brains behind NatraSan cracked stabilising Hypochlorous, they realised it was a superior healthcare/hygiene product, killing 99.999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and mould in seconds (an ordinary product citing 99.9% kill would leave 1000 bacteria alive, the extra two 9s mean that only 0 to 1 bacteria survive after a spritz of NatraSan).

Already used across the UK in hospitals, care homes, schools and in supermarkets, I’ve now got the big bottle on the go at home and take the ‘travel buddy’ on jaunts. And yes, the lesson has been fully learned: I’ll never again judge a product by its bottle.

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