GHD Azores, Nioxin, Olaplex Review

Hair , 18 April 2016

New Hair Stuff To Put On Your Shopping List

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Hair is hotting up. Figuratively, of course. The literal aim of most hair products remains unchanged: to undo heat damage while making your locks look healthier and denser – the good stuff. These six are all about that //

I’ll start with the most revolutionary of them all. Olaplex. You may have heard the word, oh, a gazillion times by now. Championed by celebrity hairdresser Tracey Cunningham (and, by extension, currently all over the heads of her clients Cameron Diaz, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez – I could go on but I suspect you understand the weight this woman carries in the beauty world), Olaplex purportedly permanently relinks broken bonds in hair.

This is huge: once upon a time you could only work within the parameters of hair’s tolerance, but now you can pretty much dye/sraighten away with impunity. Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 is the at home treatment version that you use similarly to Philip Kingley’s Elasticizer: namely, dampen hair, apply, leave to work for as long as you can bear to, rinse out.

Also impressive is StriVectin Deep Repair Mask for Damaged or Thinning Hair. StriVectin is one of those brands that the beauty cognoscenti all love but that unfathomably isn’t written about all that often. It’s a very science-based brand so they put clinical results on the accompanying literature and, in the case of this mask, they’re extremely promising: strengthened hair thanks to Fibramend Ceramide Complex, a moisturised – and therefore healthier – scalp as a result of Lactitol and Xylitol, and improved resilience courtesy of Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein.

So now heat styling is in, what to do with the freedom it affords… Well, if you’re a GHD fan, their new Azores range may take your fancy. I’ve got the GHD Platinum Serene Pearl model and use it as their Global Brand Ambassador Adam Reed suggests: “the key is not to put too much structure into the hair – do not over-style it! Add character to the finish with a soft bend to the end and lots of movement.”

To consolidate the whole artfully undone thing I love so much, I’ve been testing Aussie Beach Mate Dry Shampoo (out soon here). A dry shampoo/texturising spray that’s reaching for Oribe’s crown, this is impressive for the price point, but I’ll personally be sticking with the cult Oribe spray – though the results are similar, the Aussie is chalkier and takes a lot longer to distribute. That said, it’s a good £20+ cheaper, so if your budget doesn’t stretch to the Oribe…

If hair thinning is your concern, a targeted scalp treatment may work wonders. Nioxin Night Intensity Rescue Intensive Treatment is a non-greasy fluid that is designed to reduce hair loss that’s a result of scalp oxidation (which is increasingly being considered the real culprit of most hair loss). It’s pricy, but Nioxin have promised me that the recommended 2-4 drops applied nightly to the scalp are enough to see the benefits if indeed oxidation is to blame for your thinning hair.

The final product has been a favourite of my sister and I out here in Messinia: BedHead beach Freak Moisturizing Detangling Spray ticks all our boxes for post-beach hair that’s been frazzled by salt and sun – it moisturises with seaweed extract (which will also provide the detangling effect by lubricating coarse hairs) and strengthens with protein. It also comes in a happy-making bottle and smells like tropical fruits, which serves no actual purpose, but does make us more inclined to use it, and surely that’s half the battle won?

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