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Make-up , 21 April 2016

Meet The Future MAC Collection

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If MAC have assigned the word ‘future’ to their latest drop, it’s a pretty sure bet that this is indeed the direction in which things will be heading in make-up – MAC have set a precedent in predicting such matters. And the future, my friends, is highlighted skin that gleams with health and glows with a peachy, opalescent haze.

The look is flattering, hinting at the barefaced but, crucially, not actually barefaced at all. It’s also easy(ish) to achieve by choosing just the right shade and by using gently reflective formulas. The best bit? It’s ageless; radiance suits one and all. Let’s put the products themselves under the microscope… //

MAC Full Orbit Eyeshadows

Future MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Full Orbit / Grey eyeshadow is surprisingly flattering. Really. Try it. You’ll see what I mean. It enhances all colours (as monochrome is wont to do), subtly defines, and rarely looks ‘too much.’ These four are reliable, with just a hint of sheen that makes the eye contours pop but won’t draw attention to wrinkles.

MAC FutureSkin Lipstick Ionized

Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in left Ionized and right Cybernaut Beige / Grey on eyes = a winner. On lips, not so much. I’m very confused by this lipstick, though my sister (who has a penchant for ‘dead’ lipstick colours) was delighted to snatch it out of my hands and promises that she finds the ghoulishness of the grey agreeable on her tanned skin. Horses for courses. I’ll stick to Cybernaut Beige, which is a bit 60s kitten and pleasingly non-chalkey.

MAC FutureSkin Lip Gloss

Future MAC Mineralize Glass in left Telegenius and right The Zone / Of the two, I lean towards peachy Telegenius, though both are lovely and do that slightly plumper, slightly tinted, slightly shiny thing to lips without an excess of stickiness.

MAC FutureSkin Skin Finish in Other Earthly

Future MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Other Earthly / Applied separately, these will highlight with different effects: pink is noticeable, bronze looks great on tanned skin, silver channels cyborg. I prefer them whizzed together and danced over high points of the face for the look of lustre, though I find this particular palette to be a little conspicuous for my tastes.




  • stashmatters says:

    I was really curious about the nude blush in this collection (Cosmic Force) but when I swatched it, the colour didn’t even show up on my skin. It was disappointing. The Mineralize Skin Finish in Other Earthly looks nice but I just can’t imagine swirling them together.

    • admin says:

      Oh that’s always so disappointing isn’t it! Swirling them together is really good to mix pigments that are this strong and take them down a notch – I do it with a lot of highlighters X

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