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Fashion, Health , 24 April 2016

That Time That A Sweaty Betty Bra Made Me Exercise

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I’m only slightly ashamed to say that during my recent holiday in Greece, exercise barely got a look in. There were languorous walks on the beach, sure. The odd trot through the agora to make aperitif hour, yes. Real vigour, though, never came into the equation.

That said, I still stuck to my morning stretch routine. This was not out of some strange fealty to exercise – I have no problems casting off the shackles of that regime when I’m away. I’m afraid it was mostly for the very silly reason that I had a fancy new sports bra by Sweaty Betty that looked increasingly good as my skin turned golden and made me feel a bit like the sort of person who gets up before breakfast to stretch on the terrace which, of course, I was during my time there.

Sweaty Betty Bra

Ridiculous though it may be, apparently I’m not the only one who is spurred on to greater things by having the right togs – there’s a whole online movement (forgive the pun) currently gathering speed that suggests mood and performance are altered by clothes. It goes by the name of “enclothed cognition,” and after having upgraded to fancier yoga gear, I can attest to it’s efficacy – my new sports bra may be designed to provide (ample and very comfortable) support for my boobs, but the boost it really gave me was to my motivation. Next stop for me and my gear: jogging in the park. Wish me luck…

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