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Diary , 26 April 2016

A (Real) Doctor’s Note To Excuse My Absence…

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Those of you who follow me on instagram or twitter may have been wondering what the dickens I’ve been up to – there have been pictures of sun and snow within a single weekend and my feet only hit London’s filthy pavements for a day. The sun, that was Greece. The snow, Austria, where I am presently. And in Austria, I’m afraid, there’ll be no sundowners, huge plates of sfela, halloumi or talagani or, I’m afraid, many blog posts.

No siree: I’m in the Mayr Clinic, where late nights and wine are verboten, and laptop time really frowned upon. I thought I’d be able to sneak a daily missile here but my doctor, a rather formidable woman who goes by the name of Ingrid, looked me in the eye and firmly told me that nein, I needed some time off my beloved blog. A break, to stare at the mountains and eat the ‘chewing training bread’ and drink salts to ‘flush out my system’ (dear. God.) I need to reset, reboot, rethink my lifestyle.

I know: I’m writing this. Slap on the wrist. I also have uploaded a youTube video to go live later in the week and am making video dairies and notes every night. Ingrid would be so cross. So while the week long programme I’ve embarked on entitled The Cure may not cure me of my workaholism, I would be a fool not to try to stick to her orders and stem the flow of words this week… See you on the other side.

P.s. If you need a product recommendation: Sisley’s new Tinted Sun Care. Divine. I use mine instead of foundation. Oh, and RMK Moist Cleansing Balm, which pleases on all levels.

P.p.s. I’ll be on instagram and twitter this week, obvs. Come and look at pictures of vitamin drips and me weeping for hunger behind an oxygen mask if that sort of thing appeals.

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