Sisley Tinted Sun Cream SPF 30 Review

Make-up, Skincare , 1 May 2016

The All-In-One Base: Sisley Tinted Sun Care SPF 30

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My Sunday Buy choices are visceral: there’s no plan down on my desk saying I have to feature skincare one week and make-up the next, no editor asking me to squeeze in a product – I just ferret through my brain and find the most impressive thing I’m currently acquainted with and boom! There’s my Sunday Buy.

This week there was no deliberation: Sisley’s latest sun care drop has eclipsed everything else that’s landed on my desk and face. A buttery, balmy, nourishing suncream that triples up as a foundation and moisturiser, I started using it in Greece as a daily SPF to cover any redness or discolouration while I sunbathed and just carried right on using it in London and Austria in foundation’s stead.

Buy it if you’re serious about your skincare (and at this bananas price you’d have to be), or if you want your foundation to also feed your skin. Buy it if you like medium coverage with amped up glow (the finish is akin to a tinted moisturiser and may need a touch of powdering down, though I try to leave it as shiny as I can bear to). Buy it if the summer sun whips moisture off your skin and leaves your skin looking craggy and parched.

Right – I’d better sign off and get back to my off-screen existence as prescribed by Ingrid – there’s an armchair overlooking the lake that is calling me…

Sisley Super Soin Solaire Tinted Sun Care SPF 30 is £92.70 here.

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