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Food & Drink, Health , 3 May 2016

Out Of VIVAMAYR & Into My Abel & Cole Box…

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And I’m back! The VIVAMAYR Cure* has had the desired effect – I’m bright of eye, bushy of tail, and brimming over with energy. But now I have to do it at home; it would hardly do to undergo the horrors of eliminating caffeine, sugar and any other rogue toxins from my system without making some attempt at continuing with all the health in London.

As the VIVAMAYR doctors have ruled out anything raw in my diet for the coming fortnight, I’m going to be sticking to lots of grains, lean proteins and vegetables, the latter of which will be helped along enormously by the subject of this post: my weekly Abel & Cole delivery.

I’ve been a customer for around a year now – when we moved, I was dismayed by the lack of places to buy veggies nearby (Planet Organic had previously been my local supermarket – what golden days they were), and decided to give deliveries a whirl.

I settled on Abel & Cole because I’d previously interviewed Keith Abel and had been impressed by his passion for seasonal, organic produce and for supporting British farmers. Once I’d tried a box, was hooked on the quite markedly different taste that the unfrozen vegetables offer. I also liked that you can customise the entire delivery – if there’s a veggie you despise, just add it to the ‘never deliver’ list, if there’s something you’re especially fond of, the team will heed it, and if your’e going on holiday, a simple ticked box will cancel that week’s delivery.

Here’s a peek inside my latest box which, lamentably, contains forbidden potatoes (something to do with my cursed constitution), but I suppose the boys will be pleased not to have to elbow me out the way for roasties this week…

Abel & Cole Delivery Box

*So, so many posts in formation on the Mayr (including a vlog – I’m clearly on the path to become a vlogging addict!) so if you’re curious about the methods they use and my experience of them keep your eyes peeled.


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