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Diary , 10 May 2016

Order, Order: A Little Catch Up

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Order pleases me. It’s a bit of an embarrassing admission, sort of like telling someone you like a bit of crochet (or is that now in?!)/are a weekend Morris dancer, but nonetheless there it is. This is not a new development – I’ve always been a creature of habit: before I can write, I clean up my desk; before I do my make-up, I cleanse and apply skincare, before I can sleep, I have to read etc.

A similar rule applies to this blog – I have a huge pile of new launches in front of me that I’m desperate to tell you about, but before I go into them, I thought I’d put together a little catch up on the non-beauty bits I’ve not had a chance to tell you about… //

VIDEOS / Part of the reason I’ve been lax since returning from the Mayr is due to having been filming beauty videos for MC. I’ll flag them here when they go live – click here if you’d like to see a very short one on simplifying your skincare routine (and try not to think things about my under eye bags – I’d just got off a flight!).

CHEWING / The Mayr really, really hammer home how very important chewing is and I’ve accordingly stuck to their rules of chewing everything (including soup!) at least 30 times. I’m quite sure I look mad while I’m at it and am now certainly the dullest dinner companion there ever was but as a result I no longer ever suffer from indigestion and feel far perkier postprandial so I’d really recommend it. N.B. You’ll feel like a moron for the first few days. Stick with it.

MONTY THE DOG/ Still the most agreeable dog ever there was, Monty is continuing to provide much, much joy this end, not least because without him my days would be very solitary and perhaps lonely indeed. People now talk to me in the park, I chat (continuously – he must think I’m bonkers) to him when I’m pottering around swiping lipsticks and what not on my hand, and I now have an excuse to leave my work station twice daily and go into the park and see the world.

GIVEAWAYS / Thank you to everyone who’s been entering them – it’s great to be able to share products with you as much as possible, especially now I know that you’re keen! I’ll be putting another one up shortly so keep your eyes peeled. In the interim, Siobhan: check your inbox as you’ve got a huge Emma Hardie parcel waiting to come your way…





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