Best Serums 2016 Bakel Elastin and This Works Energy Bank Skin Glow

Skincare , 15 May 2016

Two Serums That Are All Kinds Of Brilliant

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A few years ago I was interviewing a renowned dermatologist who threw me a bit of a curveball: “yes serums are the part of a topical routine that will most affect skin, but people shouldn’t just blindly use the same one everyday; unless they’re changed seasonally – or when problems arise – there’s almost no point.”

I initially discounted that bit of the interview – I’d had a hard time convincing most people I met to use a serum in their routine, let alone to buy a few to switch up. But once subscribed to the serum thing, there’s every reason to try that approach: buying more than one means they’ll last double as long, and as a serum runs out about every three months switching four times a year isn’t that much of a faff anyway.

Here are two serums that treat/strengthen/brighten/won’t damage skin while it wards off sun during the summer. Both are brilliant and can be layered/alternated/used by themselves/you catch my drift… //

Bakel Elastin Serum Review

Bakel Elastin Elasticizing Serum / Collagen is so often hyped up that poor old elastin doesn’t get a look in. No more. Collagen may be the padding in the mattress, but elastin plays the part of the springs and trust me – you want some spring in your skin. This serum is full of proteins that reenergise elastin strands. A quick note on Bakel as a brand: they’re very transparent (every ingredient is listed on the packaging), they’re wholly opposed to animal testing (and have the leaping bunny certification to prove it), and all their products can be used around the eyes. Expect more of their wares on these pages.

This Works Energy Bank Skin Glow Review

This Works Energy Bank Skin Glow / Part soothing, part kick up the bum for lazy skin, this serum is my current morning go-to. The Vitamin C may make skin slightly more sensitised to sun so make sure you chase it with an SPF, though I haven’t found this to be a problem personally. I also like to chuck a bit of this one on before a primer if I’m going for glow on an evening out – it provides just the right amount of moisture and slip for make-up to smooth on really nicely.

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  • regine says:

    so glad you’re looking into Bakel. i’ve been interested in that brand for ages and was foolishly hoping for a negative review (their products are a bit expensive.) i was hesitating between the thio-c and the jaluronic as my next purchase. now i’m having to consider the elastin one as well! i know i know, first world problem, as they say….

    • Mads says:

      They are expensive but they’re good, honest products that don’t do any bamboozling. I’ve used thio-c and was hugely impressed. Jaluronic was a touch too weighty on my acne-prone skin but my sister’s dry skin loves it. We both love Elastin – it’s a bit of a one-serum-fits-all. Let me know how you get on with them if you take the plunge ????????

  • I totally agree with you on serums & you’re makjng me feel like I absolutely ‘need’ these two, esp liking the sound of Elastin. My current faves are Sond & Pestle and Mortar. Interesting point re switching them up too as I sometimes worry about trialling too much skincare, yet often notice marked improvements when I switch things up.

    Nic x

    • Mads says:

      I used to worry about that all the time but have realised my skin seems to care about base ingredients more than anything – if I stick to hyaluronic, say, it stays relatively happy! I really like Sond and Pestel and Mortar too. What a serum addict I am! xx

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