Anazoe Spa Costa Navarino Review

Facials, Hotel Spas, Massages , 18 May 2016

Inside The Award-Winning Anazoe Spa, Costa Navarino

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The first thing I did when I got to Costa Navarino* after unpacking was hit their Anazoe Spa. Last time I visited I’d had a massage that had left my muscles feeling like butter, so this time I plumped for another massage and a facial too. When on holiday and all…

Before I get going on the treatments, I’ll tell you a bit about the spa itself. First thing of note: it’s huge. HUGE. The hotel literature tells me it’s 4,000 squared meters, which makes it a beast of a spa. This isn’t to say it’s not cosy; within the vast walls the various areas sit like pockets and I found a fair few nooks in which to recline.

Treatment rooms aside there are a series of steam rooms, a huge thalassotherapy area filled with waters enriched with different minerals, and two relaxation areas (one darker for zoning out, one sunlit for sipping tea and kicking back with a magazine). All are in this little video I made of the spa //

Anazoe Spa Review

The Treatment Reviews //

The Healing Massage Remedy by Hippocrates / Before this massage you’re matched up to a season – if you’re a springtime person who thrives on the energy of the season, for example, you’ll be given a massage to match your constitution. The result? Putty-soft muscles and a sense of balance.

The Traditional Olive Nourishing Facial / Using ingredients growth and harvested within the confines of Costa Navarino, this was a really good pre-sun facial that fortified my skin with antioxidants for the onslaught of the rays later in the week.

* Full feature on the Costa Navarino is here.

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