What to pack on a summer holiday

The Skincare, The Travel , 19 May 2016

The Random Beauty I’d Never Travel Without

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I once went on a beach holiday and forgot a razor. This was years ago and I was sunning myself with an ex who found my hirsuteness a scream. We were in a rather remote place and it took four long and (by day three) really hairy days before I managed to get my hands on a Bic in a pharmacy that only opened twice weekly. Never. Again.

Essentials I never travel without now include a razor and tweezers (the hair, the hair), deodorant, lip balm, perfume and nail polish. Here’s what I thought of the ones I trialled in Greece //

Travel Beauty Essentials

Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Floral / Aluminium has itself a bit of a bad name at the moment in the beauty industry as a suspected skin-aggravator that may have more insidious health consequences, though I’m sad to say omitting it makes deodorant far less effective. If you’re looking to go natural, I’d recommend Salt Of The Earth’s spray over this one.

OPI New Orleans She’s a Bad Muffuleta / Part of this collection, I like a bright on holiday and (naughtily) just applied this minus a base coat.

Shavata Tweezers / I always travel with these on account of their coming in their own little carry case so the ends aren’t blunted in transit and also because of inbuilt little mirror in the case, which makes plucking on the beach a breeze.

Philips SatinShave Prestige Wet & Dry Electric Shaver / My hopes were sky high for this one – Philips promised a razor that wouldn’t need replacing for around 5 years. That bit may be true, but I found getting hair off with this laborious as it needs pulling back and forth over the skin a fair few times to remove even normal strength hairs (my industrial ones grinned at this razor and kept on growing).

ReVive Intensite Moisturizing Lip Balm / One of my top lip balms, this isn’t goopy or sticky but is most definitely there, nourishing and shielding lips from dryness. Added bonus: the little metal dispenser makes this a whizz to apply on the go.

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1- Pure Castille Almond Travel Soap / Trust me when I say you NEED this in your travel bag. I used it to wash my body (the hotel body wash was sh*t), get a stain out of my top and as a hand wash everywhere I went. More on Bronner and the whole 18-in-1 thing is here.

Chloe My Little Eau de Parfum / Cuter than cute bottle aside, this is a really light, fizzy floral scent that’s grounded with cedar wood, making it the ideal grab and go scent for holidays.

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