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Fashion, Seaside , 20 May 2016

The Beach In Messinia You Have To Hit Up (+ An OOTD)

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Some spots of outstanding beauty or architectural interest are all but ruined by their renown. A picture of Pisa invariably now also contains hoards of tourists. Try to hoon around Rome during the summer like Audrey did on the back of a Vespa, and you’ll be thwarted: too many damn people.

Head to Voidokilia Beach, however, and you’ll find yourself all but alone. This horseshoe-shaped beach, so often cited among the world’s most beautiful, has two twin defences to swarming crowds: first, it’s vast, so humans don’t have to squeeze onto the beach side-by-size like the folds of a closed accordion; second, it is fairly off the beaten track – the sandy stretch leading to it is also a huge nature reserve so you have to get there by car and take the final part on foot.

If you’re in the area I’d really recommend you make the effort to go – it’s well, well worth it. There you’ll find sand so soft that you could lie on it for the entire day, only troubling yourself to loll around in the clear, cool Ionian Sea. The only sound is that of the distant waves (this water is more fluttery mill pond than crashing surf) and twittering birds making homes and conducting romances overhead… //

The OOTD // Kaftan / Melissa Odabash // Sunglasses / Ray-Ban // Flip Flops / Havaiana

OOTD Beach Wear

Melissa Odabash Beach

Melissa Odabash Beach Cover Up

Melissa Odabash Beach Cover Up

… And Some More Shots Of Voidokilia //

Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia Beach


Voidokilia Beach



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