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Make-up, Skincare , 23 May 2016

Whispers From The Beauty World / 7 Trends You Need To Know About

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I’m going to preface this post with a self-congratulatory little waffle that has nothing to do with the content, because I’ve been off the sauce and sugar for four weeks today and am feeling rather pleased with myself. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I headed to the Mayr – where all stimulants are prohibited – a month ago. Since leaving, I’ve carried on with ease – once over the addiction and blood sugar fluctuations, the lure of coffee and wine and even chocolate is significantly diminished. Also: I can now fit into the ‘thin’ side of my wardrobe. I’m toying with the idea of eBaying the bigger stuff so as to give myself no leeway… (or would that be monumentally stupid? Hmm…).

Right. Enough about that –  Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the beauty world*//

* If you’re on Snapchat come and find me for more on the below and other random ramblings – I’m MadeleineLoves on there.

Revlom HD Lip Lacquer

GLOSS // Still very much happening and still the most instant lip-plumper you’ll get your hands on. Dial it down by patting a thin layer onto lips or slather it all over for a 70s throwback serious shine.

Classic / MAC Lipglass. Anyone who was a teen+ in the 90s will be familiar with this one – it was THE lip gloss when the Spice Girls were around and everyone wanted to copy their high-gloss pouts. The clear one is a great way to turn your favourite matte into a gloss.

New In / Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer. Or just get one of these for colour and gloss in one – a single dip of the applicator brush will coat a lip fully. Pinky coral Strawberry Topaz is a classic summer bold and my current favourite.

Bioderma HydraBio SPF Spray

SPF SPRAYS // Genius – SPF wears off after a few hours so if you’ve applied it under foundation or put on make-up with SPF, the protective properties are redundant by your lunch break. Now it’s easy to top up – just mist a little SPF on before you head outside. Done.

Classic / Lancaster Sun Sport Invisible Mist SPF 50. Technically for the body, I’ve seen countless beauty cognoscenti spray their bodies and faces with this clear mist.

New In / Bioderma Hydrobio Eau de Soin Anti UV-Mist SPF 30. This can is lightweight, hydrating and a steal at £9. I keep mine in my bag so I don’t forget to put it on while I’m out and about.

Benefit Bo-ing On The Double Review

DOUBLE CONCEALERS // A pan containing two shades is a no-brainer – with a two-in-one you can customise the colour, meaning you can match your skin exactly and continue to use it when tanning or getting paler.

Classic / Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. In my opinion the ultimate concealer, this is non-greasy, will cover anything and always looks like skin. Remember to use a brush so as not to fill the palette with bacteria.

New In / Benefit Boi-Ing On The Double. Launching on the 28th of May, this palette containing shade 1 and 2 of Benefit’s classic Boi-Ing concealer in a mirrored compact is an instant handbag hero. This is a little oilier in texture than the Laura Mercier concealer so you’ll probably need to finish with powder.

Rodin Face Wash

POWDER FACE WASHES // Great for travel as they can never burst out of a bottle and coat the contents of your suitcase in transit, you just mix these powders with water to make a rich cleansing foam. They’ll often contain fewer preservatives thanks to the omission of water in the formula so may be a good buy if you’re sensitive of skin, though they often contain exfoliating ingredients so may sting slightly (this is an intended sting).

Classic / DHC Face Wash Powder. A snip at £9.50, this clever powder loosens bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to be washed away while soothing with honey and lavender.

New In / Rodin Facial Cleansing Powder. Display-worthy bottle aside, this is a really good, soothing cleansing powder that’s packed with softening and nourishing ingredients.

Clarins Limited Edition Bronzing & Blush Comact

ANTI-POLLUTION // Anti-Pollution is the big new buzzword in beauty. In the last year alone Clinique, Origins, REN, Kiehl’s and loads of others have released products designed to neutralise the free radicals pollution sends flying around the body (free radicals bounce around and destroy healthy cells unless mopped up by antioxidants).

Classic / Skincare. Skincare seems an obvious place to start – a cocktail of antioxidants will help to ameliorate damage and shield the skin from some of the ravages of pollution. But…

New In / Anti-Pollution Make-Up. … You wear make-up all day, so you’ll ideally want some of that action in the make-up mix too. Step in clever old Clarins, who’ve just released a Limited Edition Bronzning & Blush Compact that contains a complex to ward off damage.

The Body Shop InstaGlow CC Primer Review

GLOW-GIVING PRIMERS // Primers continue to evolve. Many contain SPF, some colour-correcting pigments and often they’ll chuck a little something something else in besides. My favourites are those that backlight the skin and give you a cushiony, peachy base for make-up. The industry seems to agree with me, rolling out new ones in this category with every month.

Classic / Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing Primer. I’ve picked Tom Ford out of the abundance of radiant primers on the market simply because I think they stand head and shoulders above others. Containing a little tint (Peach and Pink are my favourites) and imbuing the skin with realistic luminosity, I use these on pretty much every bride I make up.

New In / The Body Shop Instaglow CC cream SPF 20. Forget the whole skin shade thing The Body Shop have put in place and use these as you would the Tom Ford numbers – namely, to infuse skin with colour. I use Bright Glow when I need subtle illumination, Peachy Glow for a little warmth and Warm Glow as a bronzing fluid on cheeks.

Clarins Boosters Review

CUSTOMISING // Beauty editors have been mixing products for years, though it’s only recently that the term ‘cocktailing’ has been applied to the art of blending products to meet individual needs. Cosmetics companies have accordingly released super-strength products that can be blended with a base…

Classic / Customisable Tan. First there was the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden-Glow Booster, which was swiftly followed by Tan-Luxe Illuminating Serum Self Tan Facial Drops, both of which could be dropped into a moisturiser to get a subtle – or not so subtle – tan. Most recently, I’ve been hugely impressed by the Hylamide Booster Glow Serum as it’s DHA free (and therefore doesn’t smell at all!) and develops the skin’s natural tan hue without any damage.

New In / Customisable Skincare. Clarins have now launched their Booster Drops to make skincare as easy to tailor. Pop 3-5 drops in your serum, moisturiser or even foundation, and reap the benefits. A quick guide: Booster Energy contains ginseng to pep up circulation and therefore enliven skin; Booster Repair relies on mimosa to boost the barrier and comfort the skin, and Booster Detox is ideal for city-dwellers looking to ward off damage.



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