Lash Layering Charles Worthington Review

Hairdressers , 27 May 2016

The Blonde Correspondent Does Lash Layering At Charles Worthington

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My sister is a blonde. A mostly (since adolescence) bottle blonde, but blonde nonetheless. This pains me: whatever anyone says about the greatness of being a brunette, I’ll never be convinced that there is anything better with which to frame a face than a big, blonde bouffant. People who give me hair envy: Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss during the Pete Doherty years, Goldie Hawn from the 80s onwards, Kate Bosworth, Gwen Stefani, and, eternally, Debbie Harry.

It could’ve happened for me, blonde – my mother passed her flaxen hair on to my brother and sister but cruelly left me out the equation. I got my dad’s deep auburn instead (and his myopia too, but that’s a whole other gripe for a whole other day). Perhaps I should stop pulling at this thread, actually – I’ve just realised my sister also nabbed my dad’s endless legs and olive skin in the genetic lucky dip, while bro and I took mum’s mountain-climber legs and quick-to-redden complexion.

Micky with the good hair tells me that there are pitfalls to being blonde. She tells me that the poor colourists have made her look streaky/rooty/yellow/parched of hair. In the endless pursuit of a perfect halo of blonde she’s been to London’s best, shelling out handsomely for the privilege of having Moss’ or Delevingne’s preferred peroxide-brandishing hands lighten her locks. I’ve therefore offered a contributing role to this blog as The Blonde Correspondent. She accepted.

Her first assignment was to hop down to Charles Worthington to see if their ‘lash layering’ technique was just the thing to freshen up blonde hair. The technique involves applying teeny tiny micro highlights to the hair with what looks like a mascara wand to lighten little pieces of hair (and get really close to the root). It’s a tailored approach that effectively mimics the sun’s lightening effect on portions of hair. Pictures and details at the bottom – here is Mick’s verdict:

Lash Layering Charles Worthington Review

‘I didn’t really like my hair colour all that much when I went into Charles Worthington – it all looked like a block of colour and was too heavily highlighted at the bottom with a lot of regrowth at the root.

Kat [Cunningham] really aced the consultation – she listened to what I wanted but added her opinion and expertise, taking me through the chart of colours patiently before mixing the colours.

We opted for regular foils – one lot of very blonde chunks and two semi-permanent colours to break up the block colour at the ends (Kat explained that semi-permanent works really well on over-processed hair because it will still penetrate without further damaging the shaft). The lash layering was done all over to make everything look more beachy with some light, more randomly-placed strands throughout.

The finished look was exactly what I was after – broken up more, natural with some brown pulled through the lengths to break up all that blonde and some bright pieces around the front – perfect!

By the way you CANNOT put this post up without mentioning the chocolate brownies that materialised in from of me as my highlights took – I sat scoffing them in my own little booth and they were deeeelicious.’

Mick went to the Charles Worthington Salon on Percy Street and saw Kat Cunningham. Lash layering starts at £70. 

Lash Layering Charles Worthington Review

Lash Layering Charles Worthington Review

Lash Layering Charles Worthington Review

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