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Diary, Fashion, Home , 30 May 2016

Cate Blanchett, It Cosmetics & Tidying Up / Let’s Have A Catch Up, Shall We?

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Late yesterday afternoon, I stuck my head out my front door for the first time since getting in from a dinner party late on Friday night. Like a little mole accustomed to living in darkness, the force of the direct light dazzled me. What had I been doing all weekend that caused me to turn my back on the charms of the outside world and neglect to pen even a few little words on my newest finds? A big, fat wardrobe reboot.

A good half stone lighter since hitting the Mayr and well and truly into summer, changes had to be made. Here are three cleaning/house-cleansing rules I find make a big home overhaul a little easier //

How to tidy up a wardrobe

Clean Alone / As a huge fan of the cleaning thing, I assume others will too want to scrub at mould and mildew while listening to a hodgepodge of Kylie, Kings Of Leon and The Killers. I’ve come to realise that precious few do. I now clean mostly alone, issuing threats about future mess-making to my fellow inhabitants as I go.

Do It In ‘Cleaning Clothes’ / My husband never fails to find amusement or to comment on my dedicated apparel, likening my appearance to that of Vicky Pollard’s. As far as I’m concerned, this is a perfectly fine state of affairs; leggings (with a tear on the shin acquired during a particularly vigorous session once), an old t-shirt with a motorcycle club slogan brandished across the front, and some brown sandals stolen from Spa NK (sorry guys, but I did chuck a LOT of money your way so I think we’re even stevens) is practical. And that’s all I need out of cleaning clothes.

Just Say No / I’ve repurposed the old anti-drugs statement and applied it towards cleaning and, more specifically, to apply to the quite frankly impossible task of throwing old things away. Once you’re in the ‘no’ mindset, things become easier. Just say no to old, battered things that serve no purpose bar as a cleaning outfit (singular, my hoarding friends). Say no to empty ‘might be useful one day’ bottles – they won’t be, you’ll buy new mini shampoos and moisturisers and you know it. Say no, too, to trinkets that are unloved – anything living in a drawer will never be put on a shelf. Give – or throw – them away.

Before I embarked on the whole cleaning thing, I intended a few posts to fly your way. Conflated, they said //

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett Is A Goddess / At the launch of Armani’s latest Si Eau De Parfum, of which she is an ambassadress, Blanchett held court admirably. Wearing buttery beige and exuding that particular brand of poise and warmth that’s her trademark, she gave a little speech and then circulated among beauty journalists. Up close (let’s face it, we all like to compare screen appearances to the real life), she’s much, much smaller than I’d expected and had the creamiest skin that I was thrilled to see still had character in the form of a few wrinkles and lots of mobility.

It Cosmetics Review

And I Discovered It Cosmetics / I’m way behind on this one aren’t I? Avid QVC-watchers will already know that the American brand is famed for it’s skin-correcting abilities, making it an obvious one for me to hit up. I’ve been very impressed by the quality of the Bye Bye Pores Poreless Powder with Brush. I hear that some of the products are a bit full on, but this powder is versatile and can be dotted on just where absolutely needed or loaded up for more of a matte finish. However you wear it, it won’t make your base look mask-like.



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