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Hair Removal , 8 June 2016

The Tale Of Theresa Tarmey & Her Magnificent Soprano Laser

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… And once more I headed to Teresa’s Notting Hill salon. This time, I wanted to pick her brains and let her have a second whack at making me slightly less hairy with her brilliant Soprano laser.

Onto the treatment – though, on reflection, ‘treatment’ doesn’t feel quite the right word for a session of hair reduction. Perhaps I should start trying out a new term. A hopement perhaps? The emphasis of the word would lie in the hope – we fuzzy creatures needs so much of it to continue along the passage of trying to reduce hair growth.

Teresa, as I mentioned here, is a laser queen. You have a gripe, she has a laser for it. I hadn’t realised she was also a whizz at the hair thing until I spent the better half of a coffee with her waffling on about my persistent hairiness and how at home lasers get results but I have to do it so religiously and often forget to after I see any diminishment and how I get a bit peeved by the minimal payback and so on.

Teresa stopped me in my tracks and hit me with the big guns: The Soprano. She gave me a small treatment that very day which reaped extraordinary results – I went from having to ferret out rogue hairs daily to just the odd little pest cropping up.

Needless to say the prospect of the second go with the laser held only excitement for me, especially as in the case of facial hair there is an ancillary benefit for the whole PCOS hair + acne face: hairs ingrown cause lumps and irritation, and as hairs are connected with sebaceous glands, getting rid of the little buggers can help in the battle to conquer acne.

After session two, I’ve yet to see any hairs pop forth from my chinny chin chin and live in hope that they’ve finally been vanquished. I’ll keep you in the loop…

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